I had originally heard of HOL years ago through a friend. But being in high school still at the time I knew I couldn’t handle HOL classes on top of everything I was doing in real life between classes, extracurricular activities, and working. However, I did see her doing stuff on the site and thought it was pretty cool.

Years later, having forgotten about the site do to becoming a mother I decided to just go ahead and join as I really needed something to distract myself from real life from time to time. With all the real life drama and stress, having an escape from reality is a really nice thing. It’s a stress relief and is a nice change of pace. Having something different to do on weekends while my son is at his fathers’ and once he’s in bed for the night is a moral helper with the economy currently being in the shape it is in. So, all those things considered, I joined the first day the new students sign ups were open for registration this past January.

Now that I have signed up I am enjoying myself. I have made many new friends since I have joined. Especially in my own house; Slytherin. The classes are bringing back out the inner nerd in me and it is a lot of fun. I have missed that a lot over the last two years in particular. The people are nice, and are willing to listen if you need to vent. And most importantly it is very, very low in drama. I am EXTREMELY grateful for that. There’s always something fun going on and always something to do on the main site. I must say, I do like it.

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Ratings and Comments

#1Thomas Lewis's AvatarThomas Lewis (rated this 9)

I also enjoyed this story, it was a very well written piece

#2Allison Cherry's AvatarAllison Cherry (rated this 8)

I totally agree with you and I also love all of the people here at HOL!

#3Madeleine Benner's AvatarMadeleine Benner (rated this 8)

I agree with you totally HOL is a nice way to get away from it all and just relax, the people are really nice and the enviroment is low-drama.

#4Charlaine Flimel's AvatarCharlaine Flimel (rated this 9)

I like this story. I know how it feels to want to escape RL drama and craziness. HOL is a great place to meet new friends and just enjoy yourself without stress getting in the way.

#5Jame Sephiroth's AvatarJame Sephiroth (rated this 8)

Yes, it is a good time having around in HOL site.
At first I am hesitate to join the site or not ...I could not decided but one day I found one fact that i can improve my English wirting skill while i am doing my favourite movie dream of HOGWART!!!
That all!!Thank You..

#6Adrian Spark's AvatarAdrian Spark (rated this 7)

It is good to see you can have a good time at HOL, it is a good distraction indeed.

#7Felicia Preston 's AvatarFelicia Preston (rated this 7)

Interesting story! It must be really hard being a new mom, and you got me when you said HOL is stress relieving and it's surely bring out my inner nerd too :))

Thanks for sharing your story.

#8Ginelle Griffin's AvatarGinelle Griffin (rated this 9)

Very good story. I really liked it and it shows how much some one can get hooked on something. Its great.

#9Kylie Joel Lonerins's AvatarKylie Joel Lonerins (rated this 9)

A nice story. HOL is the second place i called home :)
And I definitely agree with Lera!

#10Charlotte Athena's AvatarCharlotte Athena (rated this 8)

It is a nice story about what HOL really is all about.
I like the fact you wrote about hearing about it, then not doing and coming back to it. It just shows how much you were interested in it.
Thank you for sharing your experience with us.
Good job!

#11Lera Kamerat's AvatarLera Kamerat (rated this 9)

interesting storry, in my oppinion hol is hard to forget.

#12Gwendolyn Penwynche's AvatarGwendolyn Penwynche (rated this 9)

Everyone on HOL is so kind! I'm a newbie, and I haven't been very active so far, but when I'm online everybody is sooo nice!

#13Maria Stewart's AvatarMaria Stewart (rated this 8)

Nice story! :) And yes, HOL is an escape from reality!

#14Briella Keegan's AvatarBriella Keegan (rated this 8)

Nicely written. I especially liked the part about "Inner nerd".

#15Nymph Hara's AvatarNymph Hara (rated this 9)

I like that HOL has been a place of relaxation for you. Your writing style seems true to life, but touching and very sweet.

#16Visa Nur's AvatarVisa Nur (rated this 8)

Well done.. nice story~
like the main idea in upper page

#17Katie Tate's AvatarKatie Tate (rated this 9)

Very nice! What you said about the people on HOL- that they're nice and always willing to listen- is so true! I love everyone on here and am aslo extremely grateful for that!

#18Katie Duncan's AvatarKatie Duncan (rated this 8)

Very well written, and a sweet story. I love the shout out to Slytherin!