Oh great. Monday.
I turn over in bed. Monday. I hate Mondays. And the worst bit? Getting up.
I roll over a bit more and I shiver. It's cold and wet. Wait a minute... wet??!!
My eyes snap open and I sit up. After the initial 10 seconds while the world stops spinning, I realise everything's white. And flakey. What the...?!
No... it can't be...
Well, if Ravenclaw's most trusted prefect thinks it's snowed, it must have.
I swing my feet over the edge of the bed and get up. After drying my clothes over the fireplace, I get changed and go down to the common room. Already, everyone is at work. One person is drying the sofas, another is making sure the charms protecting the books are working and a small team of prefects are shovelling the snowdrift around the door.
"What's happened?" I ask my best friend, Morgan.
"Oh, hi, Sapphire!" she replies. "Apparently, someone's cast a Snow Storm jinx on the school. The professors sent the prefects an owl saying they're trying to clear it, but it's not shifting. They've cancelled all the lessons until further notice."
There's a sudden cheer as the prefects open the door out of the common room. I wrap a scarf around my neck and put my cloak on, then I head out into the corridor where Morgan's waiting for me.
"So, what shall we do first?" says Morgan, grinning wildly.
"Explore," I say, decidedly.

Five minutes later, me and Morgan are in a wide, untouched corridor. Only now do I realise the beauty of the snow. It covers everything like a soft, white blanket and sparkles when the sun plays across it, as if someone had got a huge tub of glitter and shaken it over everything.
Morgan sprints into the snow, grabs a fist full and sends it flying at me. I duck just in time and the snowball hits the wall behind me. I laugh, scoop a handful and return the attack. I hit her squarely in the chest.
"Oh yeah!" I yell, my breath crystallising in front of me. I do a little victory dance and Morgan drops her new snowball, she's laughing so hard. I use the opportunity to launch another attack and Morgan runs away, still laughing her head off, with me in close pursuit.
"Be quiet! Some of us are trying to sleep!" complains a portrait and I just manage to cry out, "Sorry!" before we're out of hearing distance.
After a while, Morgan slows down and I rugby-tackle her.
"OK, OK!" she says, smiling. "I surrender!"
We get up, brushing the snow off our cloaks and panting. We walk along a bit, before realising we're somewhere that we have never been before and we're lost. There's a staircase in front of us, though.
I suddenly have a great idea.
"Accio breakfast tray!" I mutter, waving my wand. Immediately, one clatters up the stairs, much to the annoyance of another painting, and Morgan looks at me.
"Are we...?"
I clamber onto the tray. Then Morgan takes a running leap and-
We're flying down the stairs, the snow making a noise like laundry flapping on a windy day under our 'sled'. Many times a wall is approaching at a high speed but together me and Morgan lean and steer away from danger.
And so we zoom through the school, through archways, even through corridors every-so-often, only to find ourselves back on a staircase.
"Whoo-hoo!" yells Morgan as we swerve round yet another corner. I turn round and see that she's almost lost her scarf. I'm about to warn her when she screams.
"Sapphire! Look out! SWERVE! SWERVE!"
I turn round, but it's too late. There's a hole in the next corner and we fly right through it.
Everything seems to go in slow motion. We're slowly descending, but not fast enough. There's a wall in front of us and we're going right towards it.
I close my eyes and prepare for impact.
The sound of breaking glass makes me open my eyes and I realise we've just crashed through a window. We're in the Great Hall. And we're coming into land.
Morgan only stops screaming as we touch the teacher's table. We slide along it and for a moment I'm scared we're going to slide off the edge. Luckily, we stop a wand's breadth from the end of the table. Everyone is silent and staring at us. After a few minutes, two red-heads stand up. Then they start to clap. A few more follow, then a few more, and then the whole hall is clapping and clapping and clapping. Even the few teachers who are eating breakfast and not trying to clear the snow drifts follow suit.

Now that, my dear readers, is how you spend a wonderful snowy day at Hogwarts.

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Ratings and Comments

#1Siobhan Burke's AvatarSiobhan Burke (rated this 9)

I love your descriptions! It takes a very brave sort to go down the stairs on a food tray. Glad nobody got hurt.

#2Arianna Stonewater's AvatarArianna Stonewater (rated this 9)

I LOVE sledding on food trays!! This sounds like a great time was had!

#3February Fortescue's AvatarFebruary Fortescue (rated this 10)

Love this story - very creative. I would love to spend a snowy inside day just like this one. Very well written, too!