HOL is before all a virtual Hogwarts, complete with amazing classes. In fact, they are one of the more exciting and fun things about HOL. You get to learn about fascinating subjects, do interesting assignments, AND earn points for your House.

What are HOL classes exactly?

HOL classes differ from your typical HP-inspired classes because not only do they cover topics such as Charms and Transfiguration, they also cover other interesting subjects such as Vampires and Fairy Tales.

Essentially, HOL classes are websites created by professors (and student teachers) filled with informative lessons about a particular subject. Each lesson generally has an accompanying assignment, and students earn House Points by completing these assignments. Classes can last one term (5 months) or a full year (10 months), and usually have 1 lesson/assignment per month. Professors are responsible for updating their class websites, and also for grading and submitting class points. Since classes can have anywhere from 15-200 students in them, teaching a HOL class is a labour of love. HOL Professors do it because they love sharing their knowledge about a particular subject and because they enjoy it. In return, they ask that we (the students) complete our homework assignments (though many of these are optional assignments), are respectful, and enjoy their classes.

A Few Helpful Class Hints

- Always include your HOL name and ID with every homework assignment you submit.

- Be Patient. Professors are good people, but they too have RL responsibilities. They will respond to your respectfully written PMs and emails in due time. A lack of an immediate response does not mean they are ignoring you, rather that they have a busy schedule. Assignments will be graded, points will be awarded in due time. Just be patient.

- Be respectful. When writing (or speaking) to professors, imagine you are Harry Potter speaking to Professor McGonagall. Courtesy goes a long way.

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