When you first come onto #hpgalleries, you want to register your nick. Make sure you are using the nick you want to register. If not, use the /nick command to change it (see above). Now that you have the correct nick, register it with this command:

/msg nickserv register YourPassWord YourEmail

An authorization code will be emailed to you at the email you provided above. In the email, it will give you the command to authorize your nickname:
/nickserv auth (authcode given)
After that, nickserv will now recognize you when you log onto IRC. It will be necessary to identify yourself every time you log on with the following command:

/msg Nickserv identify YourPassword

Most IRC clients have an option to automatically run commands for you. For example in mIRC, under Files/Options/IRC/Perform (make sure that "On connect, perform these commands" box is checked).

All students and Professors are STRONGLY encouraged to register their nick and use the identify command every time they log on.

This prevents others to use your nick, or even to impersonate you - to pretend to be you and act in your name. Impersonation, especially of Prefects, Head Students and Professors, is considered serious misbehaviour in all HOL channels and will lead to a loss of house points, in severe cases to expulsion.

last changed: December 27, 2006 by pr_dyb