Beans you say!!

Like lima beans, green beans or bake beans ???

Of course not ! We are talking about HOL Beans! These delightful little beans can be earned in many different ways, sometimes without your even knowing it. For example, every time you earn 10 points, you will earn one bean. This bean will be added to your Bean Pouch.

Bean Pouch? What is that? It's where all those marvelous beans are kept. However, you must *activate* your Bean Pouch. Go to your Profile page. Then off to the side you will see My Settings. Click on it. Go to "My Bean Pouch" and follow directions as to how to activate it!

Anyway, back to earning beans --

For example, when you take an HOL class and pass in homework, you will earn points. Most homework can be worth up to 30 points each month. If the class offers an extra credit work, you can earn another 30 points. Since our classes run one Fall Term and one Spring Term, some classes offer a Term Project, offering up to 30 points. And of course the Final Exam would be worth up to 30 points. Now adding up only one HOL class points for one term, it is possible to earn up to 300 points. You could earn yourself up to "30 beans" for taking one HOL class.

Winning awards for being a hard working and successful student can also earn you a bean. When you participate in HOL classes many professors or student teachers offer awards. Usually these awards are given to students who earn top marks. Some for being creative or for any special reason the professor or teacher requires to be met in their class. Each special award is worth one bean.

Doing projects for the Library and the Art Departments can earn you any number of beans, depending on the voting of your fellow HOL students. For example you send a picture in to the Art Department showing your summer vacation. Each time a student reviews your picture, they might give it a grade. The higher the grade the more likely it is that you will earn quite a few beans.

Doing work in your own house can earn you beans. Each house has its own newspaper. If you write an article for your paper you can earn beans. You can also write or turn in work for other house newspapers too, earning you more beans.

Now you say what good are they?

Well the more beans you earn and save the higher your bean pouch total becomes. Once you have accumulated say 15 or 20 beans, if might be possible for you to buy an OWL, CAT or even a TOAD. You can also visit HOL Hogsmeade and purchase potion ingredients, books, wands and all sorts of things.

One more thing you can do with your beans, when you have saved a bunch, you can send beans to your fellow HOL students. What a surprise it could be to a new student who has none, to find 5 beans in their pouch, out of nowhere !!! LIKE MAGIC !!

So, as you can see, earning beans is a wonderful way to save up for all kinds of magical items, pets and even gifts.

Have fun and start earning beans as soon as you can!!!

last changed: January 19, 2007 by pr_dyb