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Post by Prof. Missa Matz » Mon Aug 12, 2002 1:33 am

Any topic that is deemed too controversial, or has anything dealing with religion or politics will be deleted. You will receive a PM telling you why.

From here on out any post that is deleted the topic starter will be PMed so that you know that your topic is gone and the reason why.

There needs to be some rules regarding this board, so I have set a few. Please follow them.

Rule 1: Polls.
Any poll that is a repeat poll will be deleted. Please do not use polls to go "What is your favorite color?" A topic works just as well and does not use as much band-width. Remember to make these polls HP related and to make sure they don't contain any possible spoilers.

Rule 2: Multiple topics about the same thing.
Any repeat topics will be closed. Make sure you check around the board first to make sure that your topic has not already been posted. A link will be edited into the post directing you to the correct area for the discussion. After 15 days, the closed topic will be deleted.

Rule 3: Any post that does not deal directly with the books, movie, movie music, etc. will be moved to Student's Lounge and under the care of the mods there. This is because that is the place for these topics, not here. You will receieve a PM if I have moved your topic.

Rule 4: Topics that have been up too long.
At this time, do to inactivity on the board, no topics will be deleted for length. However, please remember that this board only shows topics posted on in the last 30 days. In order to view older topics and make them more active, scroll down to the bottom of the GHP board (yes this board here) and you will see: Order: Last Postss | Z-A | From: 30 days | Topics: All. To view older topics you will want to change the From: 30 days to Show All. You will have to do this every time you access the board.

Rule 5: Please, please do NOT post any pictures in the forum, or any links to pictures. At least not under their own topics. While the pictures are usually funny and HP related, the threads and different pictures makes for a mess. Since links are not allowed on the HOL forum, make sure you aren't posting them.

Rule 6. Please try not to spam the board. You know, one line sentences, someone agreeing without saying why they agree. Over-use of smiley faces. That sort of thing. Also large fonts and multi-colored posts can be considered spam as well. See that part back there about one line posts being considered spam? If I see them, I will delete them and it shall just *poof* disappear.

If you are curious as to whether or not the topic you want to post is acceptable, please do feel free to PM a prefect or the board moderators.

Thank you all for reading this and following the rules.

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Re: **updated** Rules Concerning This Board

Post by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Sun Feb 03, 2019 9:57 pm

*bumpety bump*

Just a reminder that there are rules in here, and even if that post was made ages ago, it's still in effect!

Again, remember that we clean house in here. Anything which has been here for over four years and no answers or posts on them (unless of historical interest) are evanescoed.
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