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June Newsletter

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June Newsletter!
~ ~ Our Last Month of the Spring 2019 Term ~ ~

House News

The last chance to earn Rubies in the Term is posted in Gone Questing. Will you survive the dangerous and death-defying deeds needed to complete the tasks? All of HOL is invited to the mystery - which is here. Keep an eye on your Rubies - do you have enough? The Gryffindor Paw Print is still open for submissions (the deadline is June 15th) - click here to see what you can do to have some fun and also earn House points!

Slytherin has started up the Emerald Cup! Arianna said they are not doing the normal green vs. silver; this time it's Heroes vs Villains! Complete puzzles as well as creative and writing tasks to earn points for Heroes or Villains from many different eras! All are welcome, you can join at any time! Also, the SerpenTimes welcomes more submissions for their next publication. Click to see what fun might be had. Their Arcade Club has a new game for June - Game Boy Tetris. Try it out!

Ravenclaw continues with their debate questions and folks from all Houses are welcome to come give their opinions. You can find it here - Debate Club. There is a rumour of some activity being brewed - stay tuned and visit the Roost to see what happens next!

Visit the Games Tent -- aka DoHGaS (Huffle Department of Games and Sports) and see what new opportunities to earn Diamonds are there for you! Hufflepuff has an all-HOL-is-invited activity for June - Mandala Magic. Come play in the Sett!

Remember -- every common room must be signed up for separately from the main HOL Forums. While you only have full access to your own House's forums, you can join every common room, and participate in the activities therein to which you do have access!

News From Around HOL

The school year ends June 30th. HOL Calendar. Many (or most) of the classes have their final due dates for Assignments on the 15th of the month - not the end of the month! Be sure to check out your assignment due dates, though, because some of them are due sooner than the 15th.

Book Club
The Book Club has a plethora of things going on in June. Reading Treasure Map continues through the month of June -- and you may still sign up to participate! It runs through June 30th. Quick Quotes continues on for another month and The Book Trivia Game is posted with a new lot of trivia - this time based on quotes taken from the Harry Potter books. How many can you get without looking them up?

Gatherings and Games
Stay tuned here - click - to find out when the next batch of exciting games happen!

As always, in each new month, we post 3 new puzzles in our Monthly Challenges and different prompts in the Creative Outlet sections of the HOLLERS Forum!

Remember too - you are welcome to participate and post in The Scrapbook. We've a place for you to put your HOL Memories! Click to read more.

HOL Departments

The Art Department has three different Projects (Summer Outfit, New Artwork for Hogwarts, Herbology Garden) going on - which end around the middle of June. Go see if there is something you want to create and post!

The Library Department has four different Projects (Fellow Passengers, Telling Tales, What Hogwarts Needs, In Conversation With) that you can delve into!

Quidditch - In just a couple of days, we have a Quidditch Pickup - on Sunday, June 2 at 11:30 PM HOL. Also, the Quidditch Schedule shows we have but one game left to play for the school year. Join us as Ravenclaw and Slytherin play June 8th!

There is a lot going on in this last month of the Spring Term! :ph34r:

Thank you Arianna, Kendra, Sky and Scarlet for the informations so I could write this. :)
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