Quidditch Pickups

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Quidditch Pickups

Post by Katelin Ross » Sun Oct 14, 2018 4:52 am

Name: Quidditch Pickups
Type: HOL Wide
Date: Year-Round
Organizer(s): The Quidditch Board (QB)

Many who have seen me on IRC, especially in #qudditch, know I frequent the pickup scene when I am available. Quidditch pickups happen at various times throughout the year (keep your eyes on the announcements for the next pickup time and day), and frequently involve games called Quodpot, Bludger Dodgeball, CAB, Creaothceann, and my all time favorite question set CASCADE! Most people who have been around pickups know my favorite game is Quodpot Cascade (or what I like to refer to it as Will Go Boom). People from all houses (not just Quidditch players) can come and play different Quidditch games (not just Quaffle). If ya'll are interested, pickups happen year round, so come on over to #quidditch in IRC and watch WILL GO BOOM!

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