Wonder Woman

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Shiloh Adlar
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Wonder Woman

Post by Shiloh Adlar » Sat Jul 01, 2017 3:15 am

I am surprised this hasn't been posted yet! I saw the movie a couple of weeks ago with a friend, and immediately fell in love. Gal Gadot does such an amazing job as Diana. There were also so many amazing messages in this movie that had me talking about it for days.

MAJOR spoilers below:

I think my favorite message was this: "Diana, you can't do that," says mostly everyone in the movie. Diana's response, "Watch me." She does it and succeeds at it. At 'No Man's Land', probably my favorite scene in the entire movie, Diana does what no man was able to do. She is told that she can't cross, but she knows that there are people she has to save. She decides to do it anyway and goes up the ladder, out of the trench, and pushes forward despite the odds. She was confident and strong. She learned to accept her power and use it. She learned to trust in herself. When she sees the bullets brushing off of her bracers, she watches them deflect and continues stronger and stronger until everyone is finally able to cross and they are able to save the people on the other side. This scene gave me chills. It was emotionally packed for me, and I'm almost positive I shed a couple of tears from the beauty of it.

Oh, let's also not forget the biggest twist at the end with our beloved Prof. Lupin! If you're reading this, then you know what I'm talking about. I screamed in the theater when it happened. Although I felt that a part of me already knew, knowing how movies go anyway, I didn't want to accept it until it was on screen right in front of me.

There are many other messages in this movie that I could write about, but I want to hear your thoughts. What were some that stood out to you? Did you like the movie? Would you watch it again? Is there anything that you can take from it an apply to your own life? I know I can! How did you react with the discovery in the end?

And a spoiler question:
What about Steve in the end with the plane? Thoughts? I was hoping that somehow he would parachute down, but sacrifice and love do go hand in hand.
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Marie Dark
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Re: Wonder Woman

Post by Marie Dark » Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:28 am

OK, I purposely avoided reading any posts on here for fear of reading anything I shouldn't know before watching the movie. Now I am commenting only because I grew up Watching Wonder Women the TV show with Linda Carter and just loved the fact a Women was the Heroine and was so beautiful taking out the bad guys..... (Always amazing how her hair never ended up ruined through the fight scenes) and I'm not making fun, you need to understand when I was 12 years old and watching this show, I was baffled by it. However, I was just pleased to see a women take care of business and save the world. So, I will need to rent this film this weekend and then I can edit my submission and read all of the comments. lol ;)
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