What is the last book you bought...

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What is the last book you bought...

Post by Siobhan Burke » Wed Feb 03, 2016 7:18 pm

... and have you read it yet?

I really buy a lot of books and I read only about 70% of them. When we're driving long distance and stop for fuel (or to stretch the legs) I'll return to the car with one snack and three or four books. A lot of the time there are buy one get one half price offers. While I will always read one of the two books (otherwise I wouldn't have bought them), the second often gets stowed on the shelf for later reading. Later either means next week or never.

Yesterday I bought three books which were all sold together and so cheap I couldn't pass them up. They are The Beekeeper's Daughter, The Italian Matchmaker and Secrets of the Lighthouse, all by Santa Montefiore. I've started on the Lighthouse book and so far it is really enjoyable. I would describe it as epic romance. There are already two people in love, but I think the setting is what's going to make it worth the read. We'll see when I get too the other two!

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