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Sponsorship is all over the place in muggle sports, whether you're watching the "Capital One Orange Bowl", attending a game at "Heinz Field", seeing adds all around the stadium, or getting a tshirt that's covered in logos. Wizarding sports, of course, are no different! The Quidditch World Cup that Harry Potter went to was sponsored by Butterbeer, Pumpkin juice, Gringotts Wizarding Bank and Nimbus 2001.

Quidditch Olympics competitors themselves may benefit from some pretty outstanding endorsements! Several entities are expected to jump at associating their names with our up-and-coming athletes, and are ready and willing to compensate participants handsomely...

... with beans, that is. ;)

Maybe you have a favorite game? A favorite week number? Or maybe you just feel like being a broom-rider benefactor on any given day. Whatever your reason, consider sponsoring one or more Quidditch Olympics events!

So what's in it for you? Other than promoting Quidditch and HOL fun and happiness, you get to choose one of the sponsor names for that week, whether it's your own name(s), the name of an HOL organization you want to promote, the name of your favorite Harry Potter character/business/thing, or anything you wish, as long as it is HOL appropriate, and not an actual real life business.

Additionally, anyone who contributes at least 20 beans to a certain week will be put into a drawing for a Quidditch Olympics themed signature! (The exact details of the signature can be discussed/requested by whoever wins the drawing.)

Sponsors will be given one entry for each 20 beans they contribute.

So, in short, here's how sponsorship works:
  • Each week, at the same time as sign-ups for the next week's event, we'll ask for volunteer sponsors.
  • You can donate however many beans you would like (keeping in mind the number of beans needed for entry into the drawing for an avatar/signature)
  • You can donate in your own HOL name, a pseudonym, a Wizarding company name, a HOL organization - whatever you'd like!
  • Sponsors will be recognized during IRC matches.
  • All sponsorship beans - from volunteers and possibly from some other mystery entities - will be put in a pot that will be split evenly between all eligible competitors at the end of the week.
  • The winner of the signature for each week will also be announced at the end of the week

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