Breaking News (Aka The Dreaded Rules)

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Breaking News (Aka The Dreaded Rules)

Post by Ariella McManus » Fri Aug 07, 2015 6:54 pm

"I interrupt your regularly scheduled programme for the following breaking news...."

Put down that remote! You cannot change the channel because this is very important stuff!! I know, I know, rules are BORING and you would rather watch (read) something else, but if we don't follow some sort of decorum, the Head of Programming (aka Headmaster Zoki) will cancel my contract. And we certainly don't want that to happen, now do we?! Without further fanfare..

1. This is an HOL FORUM, therefore HOL RULES APPLY. Period. No exceptions.

2. Please feel free to start a thread; this is your forum and it's up to you to keep it active. Participation is highly encouraged!

3. That being said, please have a roam around the board before posting-if your show or concept already has a thread, it'd be great if you reply to that one rather than starting one of your own. We want this to be a place for discussion and conversation!

4. Remember that your opinion, is just that..your opinion. If someone else has a different opinion, then that's okay, too. In other words, PLAY NICE.

5. Please, please use spoiler tags and warnings when discussing any specifics about a plot or a character! Seriously, golden rule. Spoiler alert: having a show ruined for you is very annoying

6. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this forum, please feel free to send Sky a PM!
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Re: Breaking News (Aka The Dreaded Rules)

Post by Sky Alton » Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:06 pm

Bumping Ari’s fabulous rules to draw your attention to a couple (less fabulous) alterations from me. Also to highlight the change-over of the Mod for ‘TV Talk’. *waves shyly*

I’ve also done a tiny bit of summer-cleaning. I’ve removed those topics that were specific to a particular year and those about ‘new’ seasons of shows that we already have threads for. Given that people have had over a year to watch those particular seasons by now, I think it’s safe to discuss them in the main thread (though remember spoiler tags!)

We have a lot of amazing shows with threads of their own that are languishing with no discussion as yet. Have a look and see whether a show you like is among them and help us enliven the conversation!

Any problems, suggestions or questions, my inbox is always open.
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