Muggle Technology

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Iverian Gnash
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Muggle Technology

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I've always wondered why we never hear computers or other electronic devices mentioned very much in the HP series. Why won't wizards use them? They provide so much information and help with day to day activities. Plus, they help us to connect with friends through the internet, make our lives easier by providing valuable tips on various things, and many more advantages that we otherwise wouldn't have.

While looking through Pottermore, I found the answers I had been looking for in the form of this article all about technology and why wizards do not find a great use for it. :o

For one, wizards have magic always on hand to help them with daily issues which makes the internet not essential as a place to learn how to fix various things. Technology in general, like transportation, is not essential for the magical community because of portkeys, apparition, flying, floo powder, and other magical modes of transportation that makes muggle transportation look incredibly inferior and slow. :blink: However, it does point out that the magical community seems to use cars and motorcycles frequently. The Ministry of Magic has purchased muggle cars for their employees use. Remember when Sirius Black had his flying motorcycle? How about the Weasley's flying car? :lol: Or even when Hagrid utilized the boat to get back to shore instead of apparating.

Are there any other reasons you can think of that wizards would not use muggle technology? What other kinds of muggle technology does the magical community not take advantage of and why wouldn't they? I'm curious, do you remember any other incidents where we see the magical community using muggle transportation?
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Kendra Givens
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Re: Muggle Technology

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As I sit here staring at my TV and the THREE remotes I have in order to use the thing effectively, I realize this would all be so much easier if I could just use magic. Instead of having to have one remote to work the actual television set, one remote to work the sound, and ANOTHER remote to work the cable, I could just use a simple 'sonorus' to increase my volume or a 'silencio' when I need to mute it. I could turn it on and off with a simple flick of the wrist, or even just the thought that I want it to be on, if my power is strong enough. Then I'd never have to worry about the frustration of losing a remote ever again.

Also, why would I spend all of my time watching TV when I could magically transport myself to literally anywhere? I wouldn't need an airplane or train ticket ever again. I could be in different cities constantly seeing plays, concerts, whatever I wanted. Recorded entertainment might get incredibly lame when I have the world at my fingertips. That would be so amazing.
Vanessa Tilley
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Re: Muggle Technology

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So, as a lot of you guys know, I am a BIG reader and one major muggle technology I think wizards should use is the world of e-readers! I mean you know all those spell books have to be heavy and they have so many. It would be much easier to have all the books at your fingertips. The wizarding community could still keep the dangerous books in the physical libraries so that there are no incidents.

I also think that the wizarding world really needs to use muggle gaming technology!! The only game I really remember from the series is wizarding chess along with the broomstick games. I LOVE my PlayStation 4 and I wouldn't be able to give it up. The graphics in games have come a long way PLUS we now have virtual reality games!

As to muggle transportation, we do know they at least use boats if nothing else to get to Hogwarts for first years.

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Re: Muggle Technology

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This is tricky because I feel like wizards (especially in the Potter Universe) would want to use different technology for different things. Like, they don't need certain methods of transportation, but I think they would benefit from the internet and television. Maybe they might only need technology for entertainment purposes? Or maybe they need magic to appeal to the masses? Like, that way the magical worlds can be able to collaborate with each other just like how Muggles from around the world can communicate with each other.
Such a tricky topic!
Ivy Vaiana
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Re: Muggle Technology

Post by Ivy Vaiana »

...This is interesting. In some ways technology can jump off a cliff, we only need magic. But, on the other hand... technology doesn't really require classes to take. (Well it depends on whether or not you want to take a class) You can just learn it!
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Re: Muggle Technology

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I use technology constantly. It's a great source of joy in my life. It's also a great source of frustration. Wouldn't I love to be able to swish a wand and get an offline printer back online? Or patch a spotty wifi connection? Or use Reparo when I drop my phone.
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Re: Muggle Technology

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I feel like its cause its more of an old school way of learning. And on top of that why use muggle tech when you have magic.
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