Master Scheduling Post for IRC Games and Forum Activities

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Master Scheduling Post for IRC Games and Forum Activities

Post by Will Lestrange » Sat Jul 06, 2019 3:37 am

As is written in our Introduction Post, welcome to Summer Quidditch League 2019!

We have IRC activities and Forum Activities which will be happening through the entire time.

Dates of IRC Activities
July 6 (Saturday) - Quaffle #1
July 14 (Sunday) - IRC #1 (Xany and Quodpot)
July 20 (Saturday) - Quaffle #2
July 27 (Saturday) - 8 pm HOL time - IRC #2 (Creaothceann and CAB or 1 Cab and 1 Quodpot)
August 3 (Saturday) - IRC #3 (Monarch and Quodpot)
August 17 (Saturday) - Quaffle #3
(All IRC activities are at 9 pm HOL time unless otherwise posted)

Useful Information for IRC Activity -
Quaffle Gameplay for Summer 2019
Explanation of Broom/IRC games

Forum Activities (this will be updated each week as new ones are posted)

Week 1 - June 30
Snitch Puzzle #1

Week 2 - July 7
Snitch Puzzle #2
Snitch Puzzle #3

Week 3 - July 14
Fallen Letters
Logic Puzzle A
Logic Puzzle B

Week 4 - July 21
Snitch Puzzle #4
Snitch Puzzle #5
Hashi #1

Week 5 - July 28
Jigsaw #2
Sudoku #1
Letter Tiles #1

Week 6 - August 4
Letter Tiles #2
Maze #2
Cryptogram #2

Week 7 - August 11
Logic Puzzle C
Fallen Letters #2
Sudoku #2

Week 8 - August 18
Hashi #2

August 25 (Sunday) - 11:59 PM HOL time - end of Activity, all forum activities due (though the Snitch final may be slightly later)

If you are playing in the Snitch Tournament, be sure to check out your scheduled games here.
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Re: Master Scheduling Post for IRC Games and Forum Activities

Post by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Wed Aug 21, 2019 2:30 am

You must remember this ....

..... the fundamental things apply ...

August 25 (Sunday) - 11:59 PM HOL time - is the last moment you may send in any of the Forum Activities.

See post above -- all the activities for all the weeks are linked.

Please check to make sure that your name is listed for all the things you sent in! (Well, unless you just sent it in a couple hours ago ...). If you have sent something in, and your name is not listed, find your Forum PM and send it to me again! (Also, check your 'Outbox' and/or 'Sent' folders, to make sure it was Submitted and not just saved as a Draft.)
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