Snitch Tournament Schedule

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Snitch Tournament Schedule

Post by Will Lestrange » Tue Jul 02, 2019 4:25 am

We have divided the people who signed up into two groups: the Bright Group and the Shocking Group. Everyone will play everyone else in their group once, and then the top two players from each group will advance to the semifinals!

Bright Group:
Emma Borg
Vanessa Tilley
Adaleine Shuster
Arabella Ollivander

Shocking Group:
Arianna Stonewater
Kendra Givens
Elena Galatas
Iverian Gnash

Here is the current schedule for group play, with the puzzles to be used indicated. Some matches may have two puzzles listed - as in "Puzzle 2 or 3"; in this case, it is the referee's choice which puzzle will be used - so you need to make sure you have solved both!

Emma vs Vanessa ~o~ : WED 7/10 5 PM HOL [puzzle 1] - ref: Scarlet
Elena ~o~ vs Iverian - : SAT 7/13 1 AM HOL [puzzle 1] - ref: Will
Adaleine vs Arabella [both seekers forfeited]: SAT 7/13 11 PM HOL [puzzle 1] - ref: Katelin
Arianna vs Kendra [TIE GAME]: TUE 7/16 2 AM HOL [puzzle 1] - ref: Katelin
Kendra ~o~ vs Iverian: TUE 7/23 2 AM HOL SAT 7/20 2 AM HOL [puzzle 2 or 3] - ref: Scarlet
Arianna ~o~ vs Elena: FRI 7/19 1 AM HOL WED 7/24 1 AM HOL [puzzle 2 or 3] - ref: Will
Vanessa ~o~ vs Arabella (forfeit) : THU 7/25 5 PM HOL [puzzle 2 or 3] - ref: Maxim
Arianna vs Iverian ~o~: MON 8/5 1 AM HOL MON 7/29 2 AM HOL [puzzle 4 or 5] - ref: Scarlet
Kendra vs Elena ~o~: TUE 7/30 2 AM 2:30 AM HOL [puzzle 4 or 5] - ref: Will
Emma ~o~ vs Arabella (forfeit) : THU 8/1 5 PM HOL [puzzle 4 or 5] - ref: Maxim
Vanessa (forfeit) vs Adaleine ~o~: FRI 8/2 2 AM HOL [puzzle 4 or 5] - ref: Will
Emma ~o~ vs Adaleine: SUN 7/28 11 PM HOL MON 8/12 8 PM HOL [puzzle 2 or 3] - ref: Maxim

If you need to reschedule a match, please send an HOL forum message with both your opponent and me, as well as any listed referee as recipients. Reschedule requests should be made by 48 hours before the scheduled match time. The latest date for a rescheduled match in group play will be Thursday, August 15.

ALSO: if you neither show up nor inform me within 15 minutes of the scheduled match time, you forfeit the match!

NOTE: In the Arianna vs Kendra tie game, Arianna caught the Snitch AFTER time expired.
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Will Lestrange
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Re: Snitch Tournament Schedule

Post by Will Lestrange » Tue Jul 09, 2019 3:43 am

The current standings for the tournament (as of Tuesday, August 13) are below!

Bright Group:
1. Vanessa Tilley (2-1)
2. Emma Borg (2-1)
3. Adaleine Shuster (1-2)
4. Arabella Ollivander (0-3)

Bright Group tiebreaker for 1st place:
Vanessa had beaten Emma in their head-to-head matchup.

Shocking Group:
1. Elena Galatas (2-1)
2. Arianna Stonewater (1-1-1)
3. Kendra Givens (1-1-1)
4. Iverian Gnash (1-2)

Shocking Group tiebreaker for 2nd place:
Kendra vs Arianna ~o~: WED 8/7 at 2 AM HOL FRI 8/9 at 2 AM HOL - ref: Will

At the end of group play, ties for first or second place will be broken by the following tiebreakers, in order:
1. Head-to-Head (did you beat the Seeker you were tied with?)
2. Fewest matches forfeited
3. Most Snitches caught (not counting forfeits)
4. Logic Puzzle Race

The playoff matches will be as follows (timing to be determined at the end of group play):

Semifinal 1: Vanessa (forfeit) vs Arianna ~o~
Semifinal 2: Elena vs Emma ~o~: TUE 8/20 at 11:30 PM HOL (ref: Scarlet)
Final: Arianna vs Emma - DRAW BY AGREEMENT (actual match will be postponed to the fall)
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