Quidditch House Points

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Quidditch House Points

Post by Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis » Tue Sep 29, 2015 9:46 pm

All Quidditch points are awarded as 'Team Points', which means that the house multiplier is not used to adjust these points.

Game Points
- Both teams get 100 points participation.
- The team that catches Snitch gets 50 points.
- The team that wins the game (considering both Snitch and Quaffle) gets 250 points.

In the event of a tie, each team gets 100 points.

Forfeit of one team/failure to show:
- 0 points to forfeiting team
- 150 points to team that showed (100 for showing up, 50 for snitch)

MVP Award
The Quidditch MVP (Most Valuable Player) Award is worth 25 points. The award is discussed in a private channel by the official and the two referees from the match. If an MVP is deemed to have been earned, it can be awarded to one or more players involved in the match. The MVP award goes to a player who has particularly impressed the judges in each match. The decision is made purely on a subjective basis - the judges decide who they think in particular deserves that distinction on that day.

Referee Points
Referees will earn 25 points per match. Referees will only the receive the points after they have sent in a log of the game to quidditch[at]hol.org.uk

Point Deductions
Points may be deducted for the following reasons:
- Late roster submission
- Late line-up submission
- Team not ready to play 5 minutes after start time
- Poor sportsmanship

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