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Iverian Gnash
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Difficult Books

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The thought just came to me that while there are lots of books out there that we've read and loved, what about those ones that we just haven't been able to finish? Sometimes, when we start reading a new book, we find that it's not grasping our attention like our last few reads did.

Recently, I've been trying to read Treasure Island, which is quite a classic. I keep picking it up, reading the first chapter or so, then moving on to something more appealing. Maybe it's the writing style that's not catching my attention, or perhaps the story plot itself.

Have there ever been any books you've tried to read countless times, but just couldn't? What were they and why weren't they holding your attention?
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Emerald Wolvenhowl
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Re: Difficult Books

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I always wanted to read Wind in the Willows. I have tried reading it several times but I don't get passed the third page, no matter how hard I try. The sentences are very challenging because they are so long. So much so that when I reach the end of a sentence I've forgotten what has happened at the beginning. The problem with that is a lot of the time nothing makes much sense and so the book gets put away yet again.
Emily Spencer
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Re: Difficult Books

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As a lover of fantasy, I should be ashamed, but I simply cannot finish Lord of the Rings. I've tried several times, and can only manage a chapter or two before I'm bored to tears and banging my head in frustration.
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February Fortescue
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Re: Difficult Books

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I agree, Emily! Because so many people love this series, I don't admit to it very off, but for me the novels drag to the point where they're a real challenge. I had to force myself to read them.
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