How Many Books Do You Read Per Year

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Marianne Bowers
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Re: How Many Books Do You Read Per Year

Post by Marianne Bowers »

I've always been an incredibly slow reader. I normally have to reread more descriptive passages, and I get bored easily and sometimes skip large chunks of text. I once read the first two chapters of a book and then skipped to about a third of the way in. I slowly figured out who the supportive characters were and what the main conflict was, but I only needed to do that because I skipped a lot of the exposition.

I used to read constantly, and although I was a slow reader, I would finish a book once every week or two. Currently, I only pick up a book at the end of the day when I have time. I complete perhaps 5 books a year, although that's a bit of a high estimate. I probably consider or start about a hundred books a year, though. :huh:

In 2021, I'm hoping to read at least two books a month. I've been browsing the Amazon First Reads, and I've been considering applying for a monthly book subscription as well. I'm hoping that if I make it easy to find truly engaging books to read, I'll get out of my reading rut.

Emily Spencer
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Re: How Many Books Do You Read Per Year

Post by Emily Spencer »

I read quite a bit, and while I would consider myself a relatively fast reader, I do tend to go back and make sure I have all the details cemented in my mind before I move on to the next chapter, especially dependent on the author I'm reading. For example, if I'm reading Stephen King, I almost do it as a matter of course, as he tends to sidetrack a lot.

I've always been a voracious reader, so I would give a conservative estimate of 100-150 books per year. Thank Merlin for my Kindle, as I fear that I would run out of bookshelf space if I had to keep hard copies of all those books!
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Caitlin Morrisey
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Re: How Many Books Do You Read Per Year

Post by Caitlin Morrisey »

I once read 253 books in an entire year at my old school. I was very surprised when I got the report to say how many books I had read over the year.
Silvana Mandeville
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Re: How Many Books Do You Read Per Year

Post by Silvana Mandeville »

Wow, if I am still at school or college, then there are a lot. Haha. Nowadays I only read on my free times. Since I am busy with works and other activities. Well except for something easy to read, cause I don't like my reading time being disturbed by some business that I did. That's why I like to prepare special time to do some reading. For this holiday I had finished 5 books. Hm, I hope next year I can read more books, kinda miss my times when all I did was read books, lol.
Azriel Malfoy
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Re: How Many Books Do You Read Per Year

Post by Azriel Malfoy »

I don't actually read that much, probably something like 7-8 books per year. I read a lot of fanfiction, though I don't think that counts :P And I'm still pretty pleased with myself as it is said that more than a half of my country's population doesn't read at all...
Lucia Dinapoli
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Re: How Many Books Do You Read Per Year

Post by Lucia Dinapoli »

I never used to read too many books per year but from 2019 onwards I have aimed to read at least a book a month as my job permits for looooots of long breaks so I have a lot of free time! 2020 I read more books than I ever have and this year I am aiming for even more! My goal is two a month (most likely with lockdown booo) and I am a slow reader so that is a lot for me!
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