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Rose Alstien
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Post by Rose Alstien »

I read 24/7, and I've been pulled out of classes and give lectures because I was reading when i was supposed to be paying attention. I'm annoyed, because the next book in the series I'm currently reading doesn't come out until May.

That thing about teens reading 6 books a year does not apply to me. I'd say I read 50-100 per year, and I'm a teen.
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Prof. Zoki Phantom
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Post by Prof. Zoki Phantom »

I read like all the time, and I usually don't put down the book, I read when I eat, when I watch TV, when I listen to music, when I'm on the pc, in school on boring classes, etc. etc.

Last year I read(I have a list and I'm counting them all the time - I'm a really organized person :P ) 94 without the school ones. For this year... I have read 87 so far, and I have two now at my nightstand that I'm reading, so I should break my last years record this year :P

And I think in future I'll read even more, since until a few years ago, I wasn't that involved in books, but now each year I read more and more.

So my vote was 10 or more.
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Calliope Callipygos
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Post by Calliope Callipygos »

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Angelina Carver
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Post by Angelina Carver »

Definitely more than ten a year but I don't count them.

The number of books depends on the fact how much I enjoy them. When a book fascinates me I tend to read it very slowly because I love to "absorb" every single word but when a book is moderate I read it quite fast. So a year full of bad books would end with more books finished than a year full of well-written ones.
Ivorie Windton
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Post by Ivorie Windton »

I have a little goal that I like to reach of at least 1 book a month, just because I know it's good for me to read books. If I at least set a goal for myself I have something I have to go for. And if I'm just to busy one month, I make up for it over the summer. Oh and school books totally count towards my goal.
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Spencer Ferguson
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Post by Spencer Ferguson »

As much as I enjoy reading, I have not had the chance nor energy to sit down and read a book out of school. It appears that I should make a schedule to read for an hour or so a day or every other day OR SOMETHING. You know what I mean? I have started a book back in end of the summer, I think two weeks before school and still have to completed it; however, I have seen the movie of the book and kind of know what happens, but it is good to read more in depth about the story. The book and movie is called FREEDOM WRITERS.
Amora Kamili
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Post by Amora Kamili »

i voted as "over ten"
but i honestly don't know how many books i read per year.
i would estimate over twenty though, lol.
Amora Kamili
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Ellie Warhol
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Post by Ellie Warhol »

I voted over ten, I love to read and when I get into a book seiries I just keep reading, I must read 20-30 books a year probably. :lol:
Guinevere Eytinge
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Post by Guinevere Eytinge »

Hah do I read a lot? Ummm yes! I don't count the number of books I read a year, but during the summer I'd say I read about 30 books (depending on my work schedule, I can finish multiple books per day), so over the entire year I probably read at anywhere between 50 and 100 books. I would include some of my school books in this number because I have an English class and have to read about 4 classic lit novels for that class which I would probably read anyways. I'm a crazy reader, so whenever I get the chance I read and every night before bed for at least an hour I make sure I do too.
Amanda Patel
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Post by Amanda Patel »

You know, I voted in this poll way back and I don't remember what I voted for. Back in high school, I think I was probably just under ten books (and I'm not counting the text books or the books I had to read for English). The only time I had for reading in high school was thirty minutes twice a week and sometimes I was so busy with school...maybe it was more than ten when I was in high school.

All I know is that right now, even when I'm in college, I'm reading more books than I had read in high school because I'm finding the free time to read, whether it's at school or home or somewhere else (I'm the type of person to bring a book when I go to Disneyland or some other amusement park--there are always those long lines that you have to fill up the time waiting in, and the last time I brought a book with me to Disneyland, I got plenty of reading done).

Of course, the amount of books I read vary with what type of book it is and whether or not it interests me. Books written by S.E. Hinton or other books such as that that are short I can read in maybe a week or so. When it's big books, like say Les Mis (haven't read it yet) or The Three Musketeers, then I'll have it read in about two-maybe three-months, depending on the amount of free time I have. Books that bore me (such as The Host--it was good, but I couldn't get into it) takes me a long time to finish because I can't get interested enough in it to want to read it unless I force myself to, and books that interest me go the same way: they're so good that I don't want to finish them quickly.
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Alex Tendder
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Post by Alex Tendder »

I do read more than 10 books by year, and that's for sure! ;)

I'm addicted to literture. :P Can't imagine my life without my daily reading!! I love reading both classics and contemporary authors.

And as far as I can see.. people here at HOL are really good readers too! :lol:
Raoul DeLomel
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Post by Raoul DeLomel »

I read well over 10 books per year or well use to before I went to University. Before I went to University I was averaging between 30-50 books a year. ..' Yeah I know my poor bank account! this year alone since I`ve been out of school (April) I have read 10 books. I`m hoping to have read at least 30 by new years.
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Bryan Blueshade
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Post by Bryan Blueshade »

Although it's sometime hard to find the time, I'm still capable of reading at least 10. It differs per month, sometimes I read 4/5, other times I just don't have the time and read nothing at all. I don't really keep count, but it's probably around 25-30.
Ashling Hurst
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Post by Ashling Hurst »

A year? Must be loads!

I always have a book on me! Going to school, shopping where ever! I just can't stop. I have about 3 omn the go at the moment and over 20 that i've left to read, but i still keep buying and i still keep reading!
Violet Rubert
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Post by Violet Rubert »

I buy books more than I read them. Quite funny isn't it? During the year I would probably buy around ten to twelve books, depending probably more. And end up only reading three and not even finishing them. Then the rest would be picked up and borrowed by my friends. My new school life has really put a downer on my reading and writing skills. But this semester I'm taking a creative writing class and I am hoping that I can commit myself to reading once again.
Liam Weasly
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Post by Liam Weasly »

I read roughly 200 books a year, i no its alot but im a bit of a book lover so i read all the time! :)
Nodoka Phoenix
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Post by Nodoka Phoenix »

I average about 3 books per month - sometimes more, depending on how much school work I have. I read 7 in August for instance since I had very little school work to be going on with lol.
Charlaine Flimel
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Post by Charlaine Flimel »

I love to read, and I try to read as often as I can. The problem is that my school tends to take up the majority of my time. When school is in session, it is really hard for me to read on a regular basis; however, I try to read as often as I can. I usually read about one book per month. My time management isn't the best, so that doesn't always happen, but I try really hard. :)
Silde Owen
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Post by Silde Owen »

I would estimate ten books a year, but I don't think that's a lot. I read much more when I was a child (up to about age 14) - at least one book a week. I wish I would read more but I'm quite lazy about it now and I struggle to find books that really interest me.
Rowena Chandler
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Post by Rowena Chandler »

i read as often as I can. So I think I read nearly 15 books per year. When I have holidays I often read the whole day.
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