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Ianto Maddock
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Post by Ianto Maddock »

Of course I love Harry Potter. Everyone here loves Harry Potter. But my favorite...that's a tough choice. I've always loved the Lord Of The Rings. I'm also quite fond of Tamora Pierce's Immortals series, and her (in progress) trilogy Provost's Dog. In fact, I pretty much love anything by Tamora Pierce. Favorite, though. Hmm. Does manga count? I'm rather in love with Fullmetal Alchemist. Very much in love, actually.

Lily Diggory
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Post by Lily Diggory »

Hmmm.. Good question... A tie between Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings.
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Cassidy DeFranco
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Post by Cassidy DeFranco »

My favorite book is series (other than HP of course) is probably The House of Night series. Or Thirst. They're both about vampires, but they're pretty different from Twilight. I like Twilight too, but I'm not crazy obsessed, although I used to be. I also love reading anything written bu Lurlene McDaniel, though her books usually make me cry.
Isabel Wong
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Post by Isabel Wong »

Harry Potter is of course in the list. There is Gossip Girl, Princess Diaries, Shopaholic, The Clique, The A-List, Twilight and the Mediator series. They are all wonderful books!!!
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Marte Rosso
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Post by Marte Rosso »

My favourite series are Douglas Adams's Hitchhiker's Guide books :)
I love Harry Potter, and I can't put these two series side-by-side and say which one I like best, because they're just so different so I left HP out.
Also I love some old Star Trek Original Series books, they make me feel so nostalgic.
T. Byrd
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Post by T. Byrd »

Besides Harry Potter, I love love love the Ender series by Orson Scott Card. It's also about a boy who gets told by everyone that he is supposed to save the world. Apparently these types of books are a weakness of mine :) .
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Kai Daniels
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Post by Kai Daniels »

If I HAD to pick, it'd be either the Power of Five, by Anthony Horowitz or Harry Potter.
Esme Lewis
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Post by Esme Lewis »

my favorite is obviously harry potter, but i have noticed that there are more book series out there nowadays. It seems to be that every book has a sequel or is a continuing storyline. Which, is ok by me as it gives me more to read, but I find my list of what I want to read grows longer and longer.
Prof. Ulol Kimil
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Post by Prof. Ulol Kimil »

My favourite series is Discworld, by Terry Pratchett, followed by His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman. The Harry Potter series get an honourable third place in my preferences :)
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Leanna Lovegood
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Post by Leanna Lovegood »

Honestly, for me, there is nothing that can compare with Harry Potter. But coming in second....Lord of the Rings, and when I want to read something different, Series of Unfortunate Events. It always makes me laugh. On a related note, the WORST series ever....the Twilight Saga.
Ariel Chasen
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Post by Ariel Chasen »

Right now i love the House of Night series and the Vampire Academy series
Alcina Major
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Post by Alcina Major »

The Dragonkeeper Chronicles and the Jaz Parks series are right up there with HP. In the end, I think the Dragonkeeper Chronicles win over Jazzy but tie for HP. I love the Chronicles of Narnia as well. :3
Lani Sil-Aria
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Post by Lani Sil-Aria »

I love the Harry Potter Books and A series of Books by an author called David Eddings called The Bellgarid series its amazing and follows on with another Series called the Mallorian.
Erin Llewellyn
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Post by Erin Llewellyn »

Incidentally, the Belgariad and Malloreon are also my favorite series'. I'm surprised they're gaining in popularity again, as they're quite old. They follow a standard fantasy-genre pattern, but are littered with humor and Abbott & Costello-style exchanges that make it an absolute blast to read.

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Dogukan Tunckal
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Post by Dogukan Tunckal »

Harry Potter series are at top of my favorite series.After that it may be Lord of the Rings.
Emily Stanford
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Post by Emily Stanford »

This is hard! :unsure: Here's a list:
1st place: Harry Potter I love when Ginny is rescued. Yay!
2nd place: His Dark Materials
3rd place: A Series of Unfortunate Events
4th place: The Mysterious Benedict Society
5th place: The Lord of the Rings

Emily Stanford
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Prof. Zoki Phantom
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Post by Prof. Zoki Phantom »

Okay, since we're doing this. My favorite book series at this very moment is Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games. I love many book series actually, but I consider my favorite one the one I'm most obsessed about at the moment. The bottom line being - expect a change in this once I find a new great and enjoyable series because it will automatically top this one (because I've already read it, and probably once I stop fangirling over the movie, it'll fall down from the throne ;) ).
North Ellwood
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Post by North Ellwood »

Okay, so my top 5 are...

1. Harry Potter
=2 His Dark Materials
=2 The Books of Pellinor
4. The Black Magician Trilogy
5. Lord of the Rings

As you can see, I love fantasy! :D I would strongly recommend the Books of Pellinor. They're not that well known, but they are great books - full of adventure, horror and romance!
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