Round and Round

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Shiloh Adlar
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Round and Round

Post by Shiloh Adlar » Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:42 am

One thing I've noticed lately is that I tend to get songs stuck in my head that I don't particularly like. I hear the music somewhere, am not fond of the lyrics, yet still find myself singing to it in my head or humming it out loud. I have that issue with a particular Demi Lovato song I heard the other day on campus.

Does this happen to anyone else? Thoughts on why it happens?
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Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
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Re: Round and Round

Post by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Mon Apr 09, 2018 3:50 am

Yes, this happens. I don't mind it too much if it is a song I like or love. Sometimes I'll have Ode to Joy stuck in my head or something from Enya (Celts) or perhaps Discombobulate (soundtrack Sherlock Holmes) or something else I can name and hum or sing.

HOWEVER, there was one tune which got caught in my head and I point my finger directly at Cody Lewis for it -- he had put it in the Dungeons for Scales one Christmas ... It's the theme song to the Kamikaze Rabbit (aka Winter Bells click). Once I played it, I have found myself driving along humming a tune and wondering 'what IS that thing!?' and <_<
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Gail Allen
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Re: Round and Round

Post by Gail Allen » Mon Apr 09, 2018 12:17 pm

Yes! That happens to me too. And it's absolutely horrible. With me it's very often snippets of Christmas songs that get stuck when we're talking about songs getting stuck that I didn't even like to begin with - because let's face it, when I get a song stuck on my brain chances are I won't like it after a while.

But for me sometimes I get a line or two of a Christmas song and it's not even limited to Christmas time where I would conceivably have heard that song.

Why they get stuck I have no idea, but I wish I knew so I could maybe avoid it XD
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