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Blake Slatton
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Post by Blake Slatton »

I have never been to a concert before - well, besides my own school's choir, orchestra, and band concerts. But I mean like with a real life celebrity (sp?).

Yeah, I really wanna try to go to one soon, but I don't know if I'll have the oppoertunity. /sad.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":(" border="0" alt="sad.gif" />
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Bridgette Medwin
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Post by Bridgette Medwin »

Blake Slatton wrote:I have never been to a concert before - well, besides my own school's choir, orchestra, and band concerts. But I mean like with a real life celebrity (sp?).

Yeah, I really wanna try to go to one soon, but I don't know if I'll have the oppoertunity. /sad.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":(" border="0" alt="sad.gif" />
I'm sure there is plenty of opportunities wherever you live. Have you tryed going to the ticketmaster website and typing in your zip so that they can tell you what is offered right now? Prices and all!
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Anna Blackwell
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Post by Anna Blackwell »

lets see....
ive seen,
Marilyn Manson
Disturbed -___- (it stunk)
Sum 41
Green Day (Dookie Era. my dad took me when i was younger)
My Chemical Romance
Story of the Year
Brand New
The Offspring
Valient Thor
Bleeding Through
and im going to Coldplay in September ^^
Aoife Ardal
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Post by Aoife Ardal »


I only seen Keane in concert.
I tried to have tickets for U2 but i didn't get lucky. U_U

Though I'm going to see Coldplay!!! YAY!

Oh and i've been to a lot of Reset concert. THey are now known as Simple Plan. hehehe... That was their name when they were unknowned.

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Maria Afonso
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Post by Maria Afonso »

I love concerts. The last one i've been to was last saturday. It was great... It was a concert from the 2005 Queen + Paul Rodgers Tour! I love The Queen, and the concert was pure enjoyment! Everyone jumping and singing!It felt as if Freddie was stil there, singing with everyone! And Rodgers is a great singer! The Queen are giants!
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Prof. Esmerelda Knotwise
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Post by Prof. Esmerelda Knotwise »

The last concert I went to was Three Doors Down. They were awesome. Can't say the same for the two opening acts though. Ick.
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Adele James
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Post by Adele James »

I went to The Cat Empire about a month ago. They absolutely blew the place away, they were so awesome! I have all their autographs on my cd, and my friend Tiff got the lead singer Felix to sign her Bass Guitar!!! The support band was the Custom Kings, and they were ok. Nothing too special, but they were alright.
Nikki Malfoy
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Post by Nikki Malfoy »

Im preety sure the only concert I've been to was backstreet boys like five years ago. One time I was at the mall and we heard music and it was Avril Lavigne. I didnt really watch her. I watched her for like five seconds. Im not a real big fan of her.
Gabi Moffit
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Post by Gabi Moffit »

Concerts are fun!
I've been to three DMB shows, they put on the best show, hands down. Their concert expiereinces are always the best!

I've been to a few local band concerts and I went to a Hanson concert when they were on tour in 2004.

I'm dieing to go to another DMB concert this summer but I don't think it's going to happen. /sad.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":(" border="0" alt="sad.gif" />
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Jessikah Blacke
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Post by Jessikah Blacke »

Nasrin Almeida wrote:Erm... concerts.... I haven't been to many, just Evanescense and Good Charlotte.

Lucky, lucky. I love Evanescence.

I haven't been to many, simply because we can't afford for me to go. *sigh*

-- Spice Girls (Third Grade.. It was great.. Despite Ginger had already left the group by then..)

-- *Nsync (I don't remember this one too well, not sure why, though. I was in Fourth Grade.. Come to think of it, that whole year is a blur to me..)

and sadly...

-- Britney Spears (Sixth Grade. I could kill myself for liking her music, seeing her now..)

I ALMOST went to see Seether, but I couldn't get a ride and the person who was supposed to take me didn't tell me he was going after all and I missed it. Quite upsetting, really. I badly wanted to go. I want to go to Ozzfest once it rolls around again, but I missed it last year because my parents think it's not a place for a 16-year-old girl. Nine Inch Nails is coming to town in October.. so I'm gonna try to convince my parents to let me go to that.
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Anathema Larson

Post by Anathema Larson »

Ah.. I've been to so many.. but the good ones:
Weezer (4 times)
AFI (3 times)
Ozma (5 i think)
The Decemberists
Warped (w/Bad Religion, The Bosstones, etc.)
Adam Green
The Cure
Nada Surf
Placebo (2)
Cordalene (many)
Pepper's Ghost (6-ish)
Elandra Maerdyn
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Post by Elandra Maerdyn »

Sadly, I've only gone to one concert in my life...tragic no? Naah, one is fine for moi! I went and saw Linkin Park with Hoobastank, P.O.D, and some other band for their opening acts. They were really good, especially when you consider that Chester had a very bad throat infection (you couldn't tell). I was gooooing to see Evanescence but that didn't happen for some reason >.<
Entria Bishop
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Post by Entria Bishop »

eh, i havent been to a concert before. x__x but im going to this fall, me and my friend are gonna go see Green Day in Philadelphia. =D
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Justin Time
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Post by Justin Time »

I'm going to a System of a Down concert on august 21st.. i think that's the date /smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" />
Kimberly Rose
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Post by Kimberly Rose »

I've been to a few...*Nsync (haha remember them?), Avril Lavigne, Trans-siberian Orchestra, and Josh Groban (he was the best!!)
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Karina Adams
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Post by Karina Adams »

I've been to loads, but my last one was Blue (if you're not from the UK you probably won't know them).
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Seren Edwards
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Post by Seren Edwards »

Bros, 1st live concert and 1st major crush
Spandau Ballet
Michael Bolton
Tina Turner
Meat Loaf
Linkin Park Meteora
Neil Finn (Crowded House)
Madonna Blonde ambition tour
" " The girlie show
Eminem Anger management tour II
and will be seeing Oasis,Foo fighters razorlight and guests in December. It sounds like its going to be awesome.
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Natalie Nelson
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Post by Natalie Nelson »

I went to the live 8 concert in Philidelphia....and I went to an oasis concert
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Nessa Valrach
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Post by Nessa Valrach »

Aaah, I love concerts. My favorites have definitely been Mae, and Fallout Boy with The Academy Is..., Midtown, and Gym Class Heroes. <3
Henrietta Blackshire
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Post by Henrietta Blackshire »

Let's think...hmm....

NSync (what a pity and an embarassment)
The Backstreet Boys (not as bad)
Coldplay (twice for Rush of Blood to the Head)
The Colour (kind of a local band to Orange County, but they came to Scotland last summer)
The Used
Interpol (they were INCREDIBLE)
The Rolling Stones
John Mayer/ Maroon 5
Moving Units
and I'm going to see Coldplay...again. Next month!
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