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Shiloh Adlar
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Marvel Cinematic Universe

Post by Shiloh Adlar »

Some of you know that I have been working my way down on the timeline for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting with Captain America and hitting all of the movies and tv shows thereafter. Avengers: Infinity War just came out, and while I have yet to see it because I still have two movies to watch before I am ready to take it on (Captain America: Civil War and Thor: Ragnorak), I know many of you have already watched it and some of you have only seen a few in this universe.

Are you a fan of the Marvel movies? I am addicted to them right now and the shows as well. Which has been your favorite Marvel Movie so far? I think mine so far has been Doctor Strange as well as Black Panther. It's really hard for me to pick one out of those two as I love them both for very different reasons.

Remember, if you post any spoilers to use spoiler tags.
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Aurelia West
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Re: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Post by Aurelia West »

I'm definitely a fan, but lately I've been falling behind since I haven't had time to go see the most recent movies. I think that this summer would be a wonderful time to do a catch up like Shiloh mentioned!
Silas Hipolito Crist
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Re: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Post by Silas Hipolito Crist »

Marvel shows... this is absolutely an interesting theme because I was known as Marvel hater in my family. My brother was always watching Marvel movies, but I wanted the movies of my choise. But last year I have watched one of the Marvel movies and unexpectedly fell in love with them. I began re-watching every Marvel movie that I found and also watching new Marvel movies.
The latest Marvel that I have watched was obviously Avengers Infinity war and I was so sad when it ended.
My favourite is probably this one, because all characters are now brought together and are fighting side by side agains much stronger evil. I personaly like some Marvel characters more than others, so it was very fun when my favourite and others were interacting.
Other movie that I really liked was Thor: Ragnarok. I am never bored when watching Loki and Thor fighting. This time they were forced to be together, altough some quarrels were also to be seen.Surprisingly I always find Loki better and more sympatic than Thor, who knows why.
Alexander Barnes-Rogers
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Re: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Post by Alexander Barnes-Rogers »

I am a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially Captain America, and Agent Carter, and Avengers.
Elizabeth Opal
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Re: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Post by Elizabeth Opal »

I see these responses were awhile ago, but I would love to talk about the MCU if others would too.
It is so difficult to choose a favorite Marvel movie because I like them all for different reasons. If I had to choose only one to watch the rest of my life, it would be Infinity War. This is because of the interactions between the superheroes.
Although, Avengers is a classic, and I am always up to watch it. I can quote most of the movie, and I feel like I annoy people when they watch it with me.
Another great one is Winter Soldier, mainly because of the relationships and action.
Ragnarok is super hilarious to me, and it is my go-to when I am in a comedic mood (infinity war too).

But these are a few of my thoughts. If you would like to talk to someone about the MCU, please feel free to send me a message!
Septima Lestrange
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Re: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Post by Septima Lestrange »

I just re-watched Black Panther as part of one of my discord communities movie nights and it reminded me why it’s been my favorite. It’s just such a fantastic movie all the way through
Karena Ward
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Re: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Post by Karena Ward »

I love the MCU in everyone way. I have watched them all in chronological order, and it's so fun to see how things you might have missed in one movie, pop up in another and you didn't understand why. My favorite is Thor: Ragnorak just because of the humor in it and a little bit of a background story while finding out where Bruce Banner went.
Karena Ward
Samanta Grey
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Re: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Post by Samanta Grey »

I love superhero movies! I watched all of the main movies and some of the shows, but there are so many nowadays that I feel as if I can't follow them anymore. Especially with shows (and DC's guilty of that too) you sometimes get stories that're so intertwined you can't watch one without the other and that's not right. But I make do.
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