It's a Done Deal...

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Prof. Sky Alton
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It's a Done Deal...

Post by Prof. Sky Alton »

What an exciting few weeks of wheeling and dealing! Both teams have worked their socks off running up and down Diagon Alley, trying to please those picky shopkeepers. It’s been a treat seeing what you’ve been coming up with.

It was a very close contest and actually remained so right up until the end. Congratulations to both our teams for managing to pull off a tie! Very well done to everyone on both sides who contributed to this fabulous result.

The shopkeepers have asked us to pass on their appreciation for your efforts. They can’t wait to make the most of the products, materials and services you have provided them with. (Strangely, they didn’t make any mention of all the chores you did for them as well…). They felt it was only right to reveal what it was that convinced them to make purchases:
Agatha Fulbright required 2 puzzles and 2 creative tasks per purchase
Florean Fortescue was after 1 puzzle and 4 creative tasks per purchase
Flavius Jigger wanted 3 puzzles and 2 creative tasks per purchase
And Madam Malkin’s standard was 2 puzzles and 3 creative tasks per purchase

Of course there’s more than glory and the satisfaction of a job well done here. We’ll be awarding your house points and beans soon; if you spot any mistakes at that time, just drop us a message so we can double check the calculations. In addition, we’re also delighted to be able to hand out both the Dealmaker Award (for those of you who did at least half of the tasks on offer) and Diligent Dealmaker Award (for those of you who did all of them). Congratulations to the following people for snagging these fine entrepreneurial accolade’s:

Arianna Stonewater
Carrie Warts
February Fortescue
Katelin Ross
Lorainia Riverrider
Prof. Rorey Padfoot

Diligent Dealmaker:
Kendra Givens
Maxim Trevelyan
Mia Fountain
Will Lestrange

Now, I think there’s just time for a final Sundae in the sunshine and a quick browse of the shops before we all have to get off home to pack for the new school year. Race you to Florean's!
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Arianna Stonewater
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Re: It's a Done Deal...

Post by Arianna Stonewater »

Thanks for such a fun and varied event!
Carrie Warts
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Re: It's a Done Deal...

Post by Carrie Warts »

I can't thank you enough, guys! <3
Just like Arianna said it was such a fun and varied event that made me feel like summer went by even faster than usual.
Big hugs to all of you who made this possible *hugs everyone*.

I sure know what I'll be having in Florean Fortescue's store *Ivey's Fizzing Neapolitan Icecream*
Thank you Ivey for my lovely first Siggy <3
February Fortescue
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Re: It's a Done Deal...

Post by February Fortescue »

Thank you so much for hosting this! I enjoyed all the inventive activities :D
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Lorainia Riverrider
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Re: It's a Done Deal...

Post by Lorainia Riverrider »

Thanks everyone for fun activity!
Thank you Ivey for my siggy and avatar!

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Prof. Will Lestrange
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Re: It's a Done Deal...

Post by Prof. Will Lestrange »

Thanks for the fun times!
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