Week 1: Who are you - Your Clan

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Week 1: Who are you - Your Clan

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When you first entered the Jedi Order, you had to leave behind your family and move to the Jedi Temple, but everyone needs somewhere to belong, and so you were assigned a clan to belong to based on what the Jedi Elders sensed about your potential and disposition. The other younglings of your clan have become your brothers and sisters through the years.
Through the years you've certainly also come to see why you were placed where you were; What traits made you particularly suited to the clan you were placed in. Self-awareness is after all one of the things held in high esteem in the Temple and you have spent countless lessons on the topic.
So for this task, we'd like to hear you explain in your own words what traits of yours would have gotten you placed in the clan you were placed in.

*There is no actual sorting here, and you get to pick which clan you think would have been assigned to. Your job is then to describe why you think that clan is suited to your character. Below is a list of the available clans and a very short description of the characteristics the clan stands for. Feel free to expand on these as long as they stay consistent with the trait already given for that clan.

Bear Clan: Brave. No Enemy is too fearsome for you to defeat.
Dragon Clan: Tenacious. Nothing can make you back away if you do not will it.
Katarn Clan: Stealthy. You draw the force around yourself as a cloak, taking footsteps in silence.
Bergruutfa clan: Loyal. Your heart will lead you forward when the way is dark.
Heliost Clan: Great insight. Learn well the lessons of the Temple's lore keepers and no secret will remain locked to you.

**You are welcome to answer this question as yourself, but you are also more than welcome to answer as your character.

Post your answer below by 11.59 pm on the 31st of May to earn 5 points.
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Re: Week 1: Who are you - Your Clan

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Kar’ta was sorted into Heliost Clan, almost as soon as he joined. The Jedi Master who came to collect Kar’ta for training immediately noticed Kar’ta’s penchant for books and pursuit of knowledge that some others found disconcerting. Before attempting anything, either training, battle or spying, Kar’ta prefers to gather all theory or information on the subject. Only after he manages that, Kar’ta goes practical. Kar’ta tries to avoid combat by all means necessary, wanting to exploit the secrets of the people before physical altercations. Even when not studying or training, Kar’ta can be found keeping company with the lore keepers or in one of the Jedi Temple’s spacious libraries reading upon any subject that catches his fancy.
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Re: Week 1: Who are you - Your Clan

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April arrived shortly after her home planet had been attacked. She never left the side of those closest to her as they valiantly fought off the attackers. Because of her loyalty, only one member of their extended family had perished in the battle. When she arrived, the Jedi Master knew where she belonged. He could sense her great sense of loyalty and commitment to those closest to her.

It didn't take very long for April to be placed in the Bergruutfa clan where she blended in well with the other Jedi Apprentices'. Not everyone had a particular backstory that proved the need for them to be in her clan, but they all definitely had a sense of loyalty even between their fellow apprentices'. They were always there to back each other up.
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Re: Week 1: Who are you - Your Clan

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Lufta somehow missed being picked up by anyone until her third day at the Temple. She seemed ill-at-ease in the company of other people (her surname 'Solo' seemed highly appropriate for her), and she'd found her way outside the Temple and wandered around, moving deeper into the rural parts of the area on those days. The Masters of the different clans noticed this, allowing it, and assigned two of their advanced students to follow her and not interfere (unless she seemed in danger of death or dismembering). On the third day, the Master of the Bergruutfa clan approached her. She had reports that Lufta had a close affinity with animals and was highly protective of them (she had protected a dog from being beaten by some youths). It seemed, on consideration, that while Lufta didn't back away from trouble, and took on a battle which she wasn't certain to win, Lufta had an immense loyalty to those she felt were 'hers', and the Master felt that Lufta would do well in Bergruutfa.
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Re: Week 1: Who are you - Your Clan

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While I had briefly considered the other clans: part of me saw myself as stealthy enough for Katarn, my love of puzzles could have fit in Heliost, and the way I protect those I care about could be Bear or Bergruutfa, there really was only one clan for me. The Dragon clan immediately had my number based on my tenacity, ambition, and determination: especially in light of the way I strived towards all of my goals! My seven years at this school: from my time on the Quidditch pitch to my coursework to my role as a Prefect in my own house were more than enough to explain why, in the Jedi Order, the Dragon Clan would be absolutely right for me.
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Re: Week 1: Who are you - Your Clan

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Ky'lia could have fit into several of the clans quite easily. Born on the wrong side of her home planet, she knew all too well how to survive in the harshest of circumstances. Many would classify her as brave, and indeed she was. Where she was from, it was either kill or be killed; she had never had the luxury of relying on someone else to fight her battles. The Bear Clan seemed like a likely choice, but there was much more to the young girl than knowing how to throw a punch (or knife if the situation called for it).

It would also be quite appropriate to say that Ky'lia was tenacious. Her never-back-down attitude had earned her grudging respect, even among those she considered enemies. Once her mind was made up to do something, she would do it or die trying. Her brother, Jafan, had called her a falumpaset on more than one occasion, in fact, likening her to those stubborn beasts of Naboo. She couldn't even be mad about it because she knew that it was true. Leave it to Jafan to point out the obvious. Her stubbornness made her a good fit for the Dragon Clan, and the Master had even approached her with his desire that she join them. For some reason, however, she demurred.

After several hours of deliberation, it became crystal clear to the girl. Ky'lia was already quite strong with the Force, though yet untrained, of course. While both the Dragon and Bear clans had seemed logical, it was the Katarn Clan that truly spoke to her. She was the secretive sort, and not one to share confidences lightly. A loner by nature, it was quite easy for her to fade into the background until one forgot she was even there in the first place. And due to necessity, she had honed her skills on the streets of her world; it was either that or go without food and needed supplies. Creeping around in the shadows was second nature to her. Ky'lia was born to be a member of the Katarn Clan; it was her destiny, one might even say.
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Re: Week 1: Who are you - Your Clan

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Orgendino Blestatso would have done well as a member of Bergruutfa (due to his kind heart with the powerful friendships Dreinkhan build), and the tenacity of Dragon Clan would have been more than appropriate (for obvious reasons, being Dragon blooded himself, in addition to his frequently passionate, headstrong, and confident personality). Indeed, they mulled over his aptitude for every clan at length. It was as if he fit into all clans and no clans at once, but when everything was said and done there was a group it was agreed upon to be the singular most fitting choice: Heliost.

Other inhabitants from his home planet represent a more traditional form of wisdom and insight, being learned experts in a few particular areas. Orgendino has instead chosen to split his focus in many more directions. Otherworlders would call him a non-intellectual (though people+energy smart) "master of none," but this species places an extraordinarily high value on all kinds of adaptability, something Orgendino has become quite functionally adept at. Finding his place wherever he goes, which garnished him a great deal of praise rather than discouragement. Particularly in the realm of interacting with other beings, both within his own kind and when communing with other races throughout the universe. The one strangers go to when sharing their secrets or asking advice.

Because of this, and strengthened by inherently natural psychic abilities deeply ingrained within Dreinkhan beings, the experiences of all who come into contact with Orgendino create an imprint on his empathetic nervous system, adding to a pool of usable date. Although he may not always be consciously able to articulate things through spoken word (particularly the correct terminology of other languages of which he has merely passable talent even using his own) his understanding of emotional-spiritual communication is nearly unmatched on Dreinkhan's home planet Their Royal Loveliness, Hklcde.
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Re: Week 1: Who are you - Your Clan

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After years of training and learning the various skills and knowledge taught by the Elders. I have come to realize why I was assigned to the Katarn clan. I have learnt to walk quickly but silently to sneak up on people. And, I have become good at tracking targets to gather information about their movements. I have also learnt to leave no trace of my presence. I am comfortable working alone or with others. I believe that part of the reason I was assigned to Katarn is because I can work well alone if I need to gather information, or in a team if an operation requires it.
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Re: Week 1: Who are you - Your Clan

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When Sohlai first joined, there was some debate of in which clan she would be sorted in. She had traits of the Bergruutfa clan, as she is fiercely loyal to people she holds dear. Her heart leads her decisions. As a thief from childhood, she would do good at Katarn clan. Her stealth is unmatched on her home planet. Also, the Force is strong with her, and is able to use it to her will. She can even be sorted into the Bear clan. However, the Heliost clan really called to her. More than anything, she loves learning new things. She is very curious, and will go to great lengths to uncover long lost secrets. Most of the time she can be found reading. If needed, she will go into battle. But the Heliost clan called her, and she never looked back since.
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Re: Week 1: Who are you - Your Clan

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Lyra Dreamsinger was curious about all of the various clans and was interested to see which clan would choose her. She figured people with well rounded personalities would probably have some of the traits of many of the clans, with one or perhaps two of the clans being a good choice.

Lyra wasn't that person. Not really. She knew she wouldn't be chosen by the Bear Clan. No one considered bravery to be a particularly strong quality of hers, although she would fight if she needed to. She couldn't really see herself in Katarn Clan. Sure, she had a strong loner side, but she wasn't particularly stealthy and stuck out like a proverbial sore thumb. She did have somewhat of an affinity for Bergruutfa, and while she did value loyalty, would stick up for and support a friend and would never betray a confidence, she also tended to question everything. She also did her best to listen to both her heart and her head equally. Heliost was a strong possibility. Lyra had always been drawn to learning, and all that entails. Part of her hoped they would select her. But, in the end, she knew where she belonged.

Lyra Dreamsinger knows she is one of the most tenacious people in the galaxy. Once she sets her sights on a goal, she'll keep at it until she succeeds. Her balance of mind and heart, her tendency to analyze and question, and to empathize with others, is a strong combination. As much as she hates conflict, if an enemy attacks or threatens her world or her friends or her pets, she won't go hide in a corner. She'll analyze the threat, discuss it with those around her, and attack. And keep fighting until the threat is neutralized or she is removed from the battlefield. Tenacity, thy name is Lyra, and she is sorted into Dragon Clan.
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Re: Week 1: Who are you - Your Clan

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I’sa Vestal was immediately drawn to two clans when she arrived at the Jedi temple: the Bear and Dragon clans. The others never even crossed her mind.

She wasn’t clumsy or unskilled but, rather, she came into everything with such fervor and energy that Katran was off the table from the very beginning. She could barely sit still through five minutes of meditation without letting her mind wander off onto a joke or a funny story, much less have sneakiness and stealth be the sole concept of her clan.

Begruffta could fit, I’sa had supposed after the fact, but she wasn’t particularly more or less loyal than the average person.

And Heloist was completely out of the question. Though dangerous, I’sa had nearly always thought with her heart over her head. When her gut told her to do something, she would act on that, fearing a missed opportunity by waiting too long. A clan focused on secrecy and intellectual planning didn’t seem like it was her fit.

However, I’sa had always been both brave and tenacious; even as a youngling, she would stick by her opinions and stand up to dangerous or intimidating things if they stood in the way of her goals and success. Despite both the Bear and the Dragon Clans fitting her, she ultimately chose Dragon. Part of this reason laid in her background. Zabraks (her species) were known to be defiant, even to the point of arrogance. I’sa’s pride in her own culture and upholding the idea of Zabrakian perseverance led her to incline toward the Dragon clan. But, in the end, her own drive and strong will, and not her people’s, was what drove her bravery and she decided that she felt more comfortable with the idea of bravery as a result of drive instead of idiotic recklessness.

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Re: Week 1: Who are you - Your Clan

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When Annburr was brought to the elders for sorting, they had an easy choice. One glance at her and it was decided she would be in the Bergruutfa clan. All the decisions she has ever made come straight from her heart. That has gotten her into some trouble a few times when the others thought her decisions were wrong. However, every decisions she has made has kept her safe and gotten her where she needs to be. She has overcome a lot and proved her loyalness. She will always be loyal to her clan, and she will use her heart to make the best decisions she can.
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Re: Week 1: Who are you - Your Clan

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It was thought briefly that Zala should belong to the Dragon Clan because of her unnerving sense of determination when she set her mind to something. Ultimately, it was decided she was best fit for Heliost because of one of the specific determinations she had developed since arriving to the Temple: to learn everything she possibly could as fast as she could about the home planets and behaviors of the other Jedi Apprentices. Anyone who had had even just a short conversation with her could tell she liked little to be left to the unknown. Of course, the overheard stories of the times Zala had snuck into the deserts of her planet to collect pieces of ships that had crashed or broken down there so she could run tests on and compare them was also a factor in her sorting.
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Re: Week 1: Who are you - Your Clan

Post by Amy Darvill »

When Aleema Siolo first arrived at the temple, it was assumed that she would go towards Heliost clan. After all, even in a short time, she showed herself to be an intelligent and orderly sort, inclined to spend long hours in the library. Not to mention that her family and culture had a high focus on the arts, which made her naturally curious about all facets of the Jedi life, not just physical training. As for Aleema, she would accept the choice being made for her with quiet resignation. Being called to the Jedi temple was a blessing in the first place. Not just because it gave her focus and control over her force sensitivity, it also saved her from a sadly likely future as a slave. Life on Ryloth was harsh, her family was poor, and she was a girl with no disfigurements and natural grace. It was a future that many of her kind suffered and she had been ready to accept the same. As such, she did all she could to keep her head down and avoid trouble.

And yet it was trouble that would lead her to her true clan. On a trip with the other apprentices to a nearby planet, she ran into a childhood friend, Nima. The delight the two girls had in seeing each other was quickly dimmed by Nima's reason for being there. She was to be sold and was essentially trying to enjoy her last day of freedom. Aleema was terrified for her friend. There was no knowing who would sneak in for a black market auction, but it was seldom nice people who came. And Nima was more delicate emotionally then herself. Her friend would more then likely be crushed to the point of losing what made her Nima, if not killed outright for being unable to put up with the rigors of forced servitude.

The teachers said it was an impulsive choice, but to Aleema, she had thought it through, as she talked Nima into switching clothes with her. They weren't twins exactly, but both were blue Twi'leks and so Aleema would still fit the 'advertisement'. As for Aleema, she had a plan for when she went with her buyers. Having a strong telekinetic ability even before the temple, she hid a makeshift weapon on the most likely way out of the underground auction. The only thing she hadn't taken account of was that her friend was wearing a band from the auction that had been matched to Nima's DNA. As soon as Aleema snuck into the auction room, an alarm sounded and several guards surrounded her.

A small police force, plus the supervising teacher, came to rescue her as soon as the teacher had noticed her missing. He was surprised to find the quiet Aleema backed into a corner, with a broken chair and bared teeth. As one of the police described her, it was like a tooka cat fighting akk dogs in an alley. They quickly dispatched the rest of the guards and the police stayed to shut down the auction while the teacher took Aleema to get her wounds tended to. At first believing she had been simply captured while separated from the group, he noticed the change of clothes and began asking more questions. Aleema was reluctant, afraid that her friend would end up in more trouble, but with gentle persuasion, he got the full story from her. When he complimented her bravery, she shook her head. She had never been more afraid, but she had to help her friend. If she didn't, what kind of friend was she?

On their return, he recommended her to Bergruutfa clan....and two months extra chores as punishment for slipping away from the group in the first place. Aleema, for her part, felt a calling to Bergruutfa and chose them, though she is often still found in the library.
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Re: Week 1: Who are you - Your Clan

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Though outwardly calm, Elesti was very frightened by the idea of being sorted into a clan. She had been brought up to value solitude and detachment from situations above all else. Due to their need to bring about peace and compromise, Ansmerians are excellent listeners but very bad confiders. Within hours of stepping foot into the temple, Elesti realised that her watchful silence and need to bring about peace and the most advantageous compromise for everyone was going to enrage those around her, an idea that made her feel sick. The thought of having to interact with a group of people closely was her worst nightmare, particularly if she was placed in a clan where the instinct to fight, the tenacious pursuit of ones goals or the single-minded quest for information would be likely to lead to conflict amongst members.
None of the clans felt like a natural fit for her as she had always been taught that strong emotions (which all of them seemed to be based around) were something to be set aside. It came as something of a relief when she was chosen to join Katarn. At least here, her childhood training to always keep herself at a remove and blend into the background was not only tolerated but embraced. She knew very well the power of being an observer or the silent one at the edge of the crowd, watching the interplay between others and drawing conclusions on how best to use their desires. Still, stealth was an uneasy idea for her as it implied serving her own agenda, a concept so new to her that it was hard for her to even articulate the thought to herself as she progressed through the years of her training.
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Re: Week 1: Who are you - Your Clan

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Jan’tz would definitely be placed into the Heliost clan. As a young child, she could always be found in the library. Her friends would always tease her that she wouldn’t make a move before she got an advanced degree in the subject first. But that didn’t stop them from always seeking her council because she really understood what was going on with them without them telling her much. And for a special birthday present, she chose to visit Tython and travel to each of the nine Je'daii Temples of the Je'daii Order, without being a Padawan, of course.
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