Ceremony of the New Words: Spring 2021

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Ceremony of the New Words: Spring 2021

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The following Parseltongue words have been discovered in the previous lessons by students' careful interactions with various snakes. They are separated out by the assignment they were discovered in - and listed in alphabetical order by English translation; of course, the discoverer of each word is noted. They have been permanently added to the Parseltongue lexicon... and for now, you may expect to see a few of these words appear on your final exam!

Assignment 2:
sosli - soil (discovered by Slusi'a)
ʃevau - horse, pony (discovered by Bri'ana)
poni - horse, pony (discovered by Bri'ana)

Assignment 3:
krosʃe - cross (discovered by Slusi'a)
kslansina - clumsy (discovered by Keri)
graus - gross (discovered by Keri)
agirsvag - umbrella (discovered by Sindor)
bakvsne - backwards (discovered by Sindor)
daiʃe - night (discovered by Bri'ana)
korna - tired (discovered by Bri'ana)

But before we complete the ceremony, we need to include one last word from late Spring 2020. This word, discovered by Asleʃander Brighton, was discovered too late to be included in that ceremony, so we're adding it right now! It is...

honvork - homework (discovered by Asleʃander)

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