Happy Birthday, Gail!

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Iverian Gnash
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Happy Birthday, Gail!

Post by Iverian Gnash »

Happy Birthday, Gail!!!
Have an amazing day :D

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Alexander Brighton
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Re: Happy Birthday, Gail!

Post by Alexander Brighton »

Happy birthday Gail :D
Prof. Polaris Black
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Re: Happy Birthday, Gail!

Post by Prof. Polaris Black »

Happy Birthday, Gail!
Hope you have a fabulous day! :D
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Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
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Re: Happy Birthday, Gail!

Post by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black »

Happy Birthday, Gale

I wish for you a day filled with magic and wonder.

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Adaleine Shuster
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Re: Happy Birthday, Gail!

Post by Adaleine Shuster »

Happy birthday, Gail! I hope you have an incredible birthday!
Prof. Sky Alton
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Re: Happy Birthday, Gail!

Post by Prof. Sky Alton »

I hope it's been a fabulous day and that you enjoy the decorations I put up in the HS study. I may have gone a bit overboard with the streamers and have temporarily misplaced our desks but they're still in there somewhere, I promise.
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Kendra Givens
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Re: Happy Birthday, Gail!

Post by Kendra Givens »

Happy, happy Birthday to my favorite adopted twin!!!
I hope that it was everything you wanted and more :wub:
Thank you, Secret Elf! <3
February Fortescue
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Re: Happy Birthday, Gail!

Post by February Fortescue »

Happy Birthday! Hope it's magical!
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Gail Allen
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Re: Happy Birthday, Gail!

Post by Gail Allen »

Thank you all so much! I had a great day! Went to a lovely restaurant for dinner and then a movie afterwards.

And Sky - the decorations are lovely, but true story: yesterday at work one of the tables in my classroom at school was missing. I now know who to blame :P
Prof. Will Lestrange
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Re: Happy Birthday, Gail!

Post by Prof. Will Lestrange »

so glad you had a great birthday!
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