We need your help!

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We need your help!

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It would appear that the notorious DaKeed Napper is at it again! This time it would appear he is transforming people to later steal. Currently, his only victim is Dario, who unfortunately has been turned into an armadillo. The Head Office is scrambling to handle this because we thought DaKeed was long gone! Sadly all attempts to reverse DaKeed's work have been unsuccessful. Amy is covering all of Dario's normal duties. Zoki is trying to learn to speak armadillo.

While they do that, Sky and I have been put in charge of the hunt for DaKeed and formed the AA Detective Agency. Some of you will remember him from last time, but some of you are new. Here's what we know:

1. DaKeed will often leave hints about his future victims.
2. He will also leave hints about his identity accidentally.
3. He likes to torment HOL by leaving puzzles and riddles.
4. Sometimes a single clue can mean many things.
5. Sometimes a single clue can mean nothing.

We need your help! Stay on the lookout for clues about his identity and potential victims. Don't share your answers with others because you never know if DaKeed might be listening...

The HO is prepared to offer a large sum of points for anyone who is able to solve DaKeed's identity. When the opportunity comes around, we will post in this forum with instructions for claiming your reward.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please see the topic in this forum. If it is a specific question about a puzzle or riddle, please message us directly.

In the meantime, stay vigilant! And don't call Dario "Armadario"....it's apparently very upsetting.
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Re: We need your help!

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*puts crown on head* I'M READY TO BE QUEE--

I mean. I DIDN'T DO IT THIS TIME! *shakes fist at DaKeed* (But I commend you for trying to frame me.)

Be careful, folks, DaKeed is an extremely formidable foe. Take care he/she/it doesn't steal your cookies!

*runs back to her retirement cottage*
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Re: We need your help!

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She's as useless as this list is now *throws over shoulder*


Image shows a piece of parchment with 11 names, 11 hints, and 11 pieces of the clue as follows:
wmcmhyndsedu ekt (ravenclaw keeper)
ntasetpuhsnahyah (gryffindor egyptian reine)
aaaa illgno (neutra)
tndhaeo np hriabom (serpientes leader)
asnotora aticwn (aigle post grad)
lehyullesas (professor emeritus)
ntahyanceuy (hufflepuff HO)
loerelemc lwidean (eagle fourth year)
etk rgsuadlnolas (emeritus badger)
rmal feiaaey (eagle post grad)
diarans ksasolceb (original investigatrice)

The 12th of the 1st
The 6th of the 2nd
The 2nd of the 3rd
The 13th of the 4th
The 9th of the 5th
The 4th of the 6th
The 3rd of the 7th
The 9th of the 8th
The 13th of the 9th
The 7th of the 10th
The 6th of the 11th
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Re: We need your help!

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I'll go straight to work on this..I saw these Anonymous posts...not this time...I hope I can be of some help with this...

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Re: We need your help!

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The Lobiesk may not be around, but HOL is still full of people willing to bring you down, DaKeed! We will not tolerate this behaviour, and whoever you are, we'll be sure to catch you and put a stop to this nonsense!
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