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Post by Will Lestrange » Sat Jun 29, 2019 3:30 am

Just as we did last summer, #quidditch will be open to all SQL participants as an official practice room during the duration of SQL!

The bot in #quidditch is named Quiz - the exact same bot that we use to play most pickup broom games. Besides all the fun games he knows, Quiz knows all sorts of interesting question sets that you can use for SQL-specific practice!

The key for Quiz is a question mark, which means that if you want to start botting, you should type
and if you want to stop botting you should type

To switch to the STANDARD question set (all the questions that are fair game in an official Quidditch match), type the command
?qset full

before starting your botting.

To switch to the SHORT question set (the "Aingingein" set that will be used for the summer snitch tournament) type the command
?qset short

before starting your botting.

To switch to the CASCADE question set (which is often used for IRC games; remember, this is the set where there are multiple possible answers to a prompt and you need to guess the one the bot is thinking of) type the command
?qset cascade

before starting your botting.

And to practice on the "TYPE THIS STRING" prompts (which are part of the summer Quaffle games), you can make Quiz give you typing prompts by running
instead of
[in that case, Quiz will give you a string: either random characters or a Quidditch answer - and you will have to copy it exactly].

Enjoy SQL and Happy botting!

PS: If you prefer a more 'standard' practice experience, #quidpractice remains open with its standard bot.

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