Quaffle Gameplay for Summer 2019

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Quaffle Gameplay for Summer 2019

Post by Will Lestrange » Mon Jun 24, 2019 4:20 am

NOTE: The rules below are special rules that apply to Quaffle play during SQL 2019 only. They will NOT apply to regular season games during the academic year.

Timing and Team Selection:
-At 9 PM HOL, QB will divide the players evenly into teams, including a designated captain per team for #refchan .
-Once team selection is made, each team captain will have 10 minutes to determine player positions.
-There will be NO doubling or conceding in SQL Quaffle games.
-A Quaffle game will last 3 periods, 15 minutes each, with a break of 3 minutes between periods.
-Players arriving during the middle of a period may join the game at the start of the next period. Substitutions and position changes may ONLY be made during breaks.
-For participation credit, playing in at least two periods will count as full participation (and therefore be worth 10 Quods for participation plus another 10 for being on the winning team). Playing in one period will be worth five Quods for participation plus another five for being on the winning team.
-A tie game will be counted as if both teams won for purposes of handing out Quods.

Gameplay Itself
-We will be using a special question set where 2/3 of the questions are standard questions from the official Quidditch set and the other 1/3 are prompts that begin "TYPE THIS STRING".
-Gameplay for standard questions is the same as during the year with one difference: if no one answers the question correctly within 15 seconds, the answer will be revealed. (The question will still be in play for another 15 seconds, or 30 seconds total.)
-"TYPE THIS STRING" questions are largely what it says on the tin: you will be given a prompt of the form
"TYPE THIS STRING: [something in brackets]" and you will need to type the words in the brackets. But a few more things need to be explained! In particular:
1) The standard 1lr and Quidditch punctuation rules are still in effect. For example, if you were given the prompt

TYPE THIS STRING: [A statue of Lily, James, and baby Harry Potter]

you would get credit for

a statue of lily james and baby harry poter

(even without capitalization, without punctuation, and with only one "t" in "Potter").
2) Synonyms, however, are not acceptable even if they are acceptable in a game. For example, if you were given the prompt

TYPE THIS STRING: [Professor McGonagall]

you would NOT get credit for

Minerva Mcgonagall

as "Minerva" is more than one letter away from "Professor".
3) Sometimes, prompts will give multiple answers separated by slashes. If so, any ONE answer is acceptable! For example, if you were given the prompt

TYPE THIS STRING: [A gummy / toothless walnut]
you would get credit for

a gummy walnut


a toothless walnut

(but NOT for 'gummy walnut' or 'toothless walnut' as this is two keys off, not one!)

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