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The Scrapbook - Welcome!

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The Scrapbook

A few years ago, the 'then' head of HOLLERS, Professor Scarlet Leslie-Lewis, started up a Scrapbook wherein we could put our HOL Memories. We had so many that they got buried under their weight, pages and pages of them. So the current HOLLERS Heads, Polaris Black and Arianna Stonewater, decided it would be good to establish an Archive for them -- and continue on with new Memories.

What does this mean? Basically, if you are a member of HOL Hogwarts, and you participated in a happening here, whether as a participant or as an organizer of it, post about it!

This is part of what Scarlet wrote, all those years ago:
Welcome to the Scrapbook! Here, we will chronicle all HOL happenings throughout the year, both HOL-wide contests and House specific activities. Share fun team-bonding moments/inside jokes. Walk us through the thought process of a graphic you made. Complain about an impossible puzzle. (We do ask that you wait until after the activity is over to share puzzle answers though!) Talk about any obstacles you faced while planning the activity.

Feel free to share your opinions about the activities too. It will help the staff plan fun activities in the future!

Anyone is welcome to start a new thread. If appropriate, please include this general information in your initial post:
Name: Name of activity
Type: HOL-wide or House specific
Date: Dates of activity (October 2014 or specific dates)

Did you participate in an activity in HOL Hogwarts? Post about it! Did someone else post about an Activity and you want to chime in? Wonderful. :) If someone has already started a topic about an activity or event in which you participated, please post in the previously written topic. (If you forget, we'll just merge your post with the original, no problem.)

What about this? Did you make a graphics you're proud of or create really cool puzzles for any event? Post about that! Basically, if you did something and want to tell us - post!

Would you like to see what has been written before? Are you wanting to write but would like to have an idea of how to do it? Click here to access The Scrapbook Archive!

If you have any questions about posting, please send a HOL Forum PM to Arianna Stonewater, Polaris Black or me. We'll get back to you as quickly as we can, with answers to your questions.
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