Lesson 2 Discussion

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Lesson 2 Discussion

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Hello Students!

This is the official class discussion thread for Lesson 2. Guests are welcome!

Lesson 1 = https://www.sollarna.com/lessons/lesson-2
Assignment 1 = https://www.sollarna.com/lessons/lesson ... ssignments

Please freely discuss story ideas, struggles, advice, and support here! And remember... sharing in the forum helps you to earn monthly participation extra credit points. ;)

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Re: Lesson 2 Discussion

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There is the thing about coming up with a story idea, or developing a story idea, and doing bunches of research for it. This is what I was doing with Lesson 1 and the discussion and my 'then' story idea. I was researching (with much wonder and admiration) the techniques of fire-fighters and their support personnel. Where do they live? What do they eat? What do they do? What kind of person does this extremely hard and dangerous work? My story was developing in that there was a lot of knowledge being gained about the background, upon which the story would be accurately built.

Thing is -- it was a story written and built around an idea that I had read and really liked. That would be a GREAT story! But ... it's sort of like writing a story (or book) for editors. They want to have a certain kind of product, with certain factors built into the story. I can do that; I can write the story with the premise as intended, but ...

Then, while making coffee, a new idea BURSTS into being. Something which is WRITE ME NOW. So I keep all my notes and ideas about the support personnel and fire-fighters. It's a good story and viable. But it's on the back burner while this other, almost full-born in its entirety of 'what happens' in first presentation, needs to be written.
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Re: Lesson 2 Discussion

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I have come up with several story ideas and I start writing and I always get stuck in the middle or trying to finish it. And I love how this is helping me clear up the story more in my head.
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