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Welcome to Write Your World

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Greetings Aspiring Storytellers!

Many passionate readers dream of writing, and perhaps even publishing. The Write Your World class will guide you toward realizing that dream. This one-term class is suitable for projects of all sizes including short children’s stories, novellas, and full novels (note: longer projects might be better-tackled over two school terms, and I will gladly work with you on that). No matter your word count goal, format, writing level, age ,or personal schedule, you are welcome in this class.

To pass this class and earn a quill, you must earn at least 150 house points, complete the 4 required assignments, and turn in your final project. Grading is based upon effort. Therefore, if you complete all required work and invest sufficient effort into it... you'll do great!

Each lesson's assignments are due on the last day of the lesson's associated month:
Lesson 1 = September 30th
Lesson 2 = October 31st
Lesson 3 = November 30th
Lesson 4 = December 31st
Final Project Wrap-Up = January 12th

I prefer that assignments be posted here, in the class forum. However, you may also owl/email your assignments to owl@sollarna.com
IMPORTANT: Emailed assignments must include your HOL name & house. The subject line should state the class name and assignment number.

Extensions are allowed. Contact me before the assignment's due date if you need an extension or alternate assignment options.

This class is meant to offer support and take the apprehension out of writing. Contact me should you encounter difficulties of any sort.

Lessons, assignments, and more information can be found on the class website here: https://www.sollarna.com

Warm Huggles,
~Professor Sollarna Fumbleknot, aka "Fumbly"
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Hufflepuff HoH & HO High Cheese Muffin. Professor of Wandmaking, Runes & Charms.
Herder of nerds & chickens. Web designer, author, historian & artist.
HOL Professor of Write Your World.

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