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Discussion Topic - September

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This is the class discussion for September, homework 1. It is worth 10 points.

The topic for September is the Creation Myth. What do you think about it? Do you recognize elements of it from other religions in the world?
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Re: Discussion Topic - September

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I thought that the Creation Myth was very interesting. The contrast between fire and ice is definitely something you hear about in other ancient myths and legends (none that come to mind right now) but also of new myths and legends for example, Game of Thrones (the idea of Summer vs Winter and Ice Dragon vs Fire Dragon). I loved the idea of the four dwarves holding up the heavens however, I wonder why they chose dwarves to hold up the heavens? I was wondering why not giants - wouldn't they want the heavens to be held high?

Another thing that I found to be interesting about the Creation Myth was that Ymir's body was used to create the Earth's elements. His blood for bodies of water, bones and teeth were mountain and rocks, hair became trees and other plants, and his skull the heavens, his brains the clouds. I just think that the creativity of humans even back in the 2nd through 11th centuries is so rich! Great lesson, I look forward to hearing what others thought about it!
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Re: Discussion Topic - September

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I love Creation Myths, they are one of my favorite forms of Mythology to read. Different cultures have so many ideas of how the world began, I remember reading a Tahitian one long ago which is an example of the Shell Cosmology.

In the beginning, there was only Ta'aroa, creator of all, including himself. He waited alone in his shell,[1] which appeared as an egg spinning in the empty endless void of the time before the sky, before the earth, before the moon, before the sun, before the stars.

When I first read this story is Ta'aroa was in a giant clamshell. So even in standard regional mythology, there are variations!

The Aztecs themselves have several creations myths, some they developed themselves and others they learned and adopted and adapted from cultures they came across.

What I have noticed is that Cultures that tend toward fighting and warriors, blood and bones seem to play a big part in their beliefs
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