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Welcome to Norse Myths and Legends

Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2018 2:29 pm
by Prof. Rachel Selenia
Hello students! Welcome to this class, Norse Myths and Legends!

My name is Rachel Selenia and I will teach this class for the next school year. We will cover a lot of topics during the next few months so get ready and, above all, have fun!

Each term there is only one final deadline. The deadline is written at the top of each assignment. I can not guarantee that homework handed in after the final deadline will be graded.
There is no mandatory part of the assignments. However, you will need to earn at least 135 points total each term to earn a quill, and you will need two quills to pass the class.

I will post a discussion topic for each month. This discussion topic is one of the homework assignment choices and worth 10 points.

I look forward to seeing you in class!