Grindelwald's Crimes - Graduation Fall Term 2019

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Grindelwald's Crimes - Graduation Fall Term 2019

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Hey all! As I'm packing myself ready to head out for some days of vacation, I want to say thank you for the fun assignments and the work you've put toward the class!

We have some quills to give out! The following people have successfully passed the class by earning at least an 'Acceptable' grade (having obtained at least 150 house points in the class):]
Lucy Poole
Polaris Black
Janie Peterson

For going above and beyond with her work, and earning the full available house points from this class, Polaris Black also obtains the The Chamber of Secrets Award and the Shining Start of Hard Work award!

Congratulations to all I wish you success into your future classes!

Prof. Zoki Phantom

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