Grindelwald's Crimes - Graduation Spring Term 2019

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Grindelwald's Crimes - Graduation Spring Term 2019

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Greetings! Another term has come to pass and surprisingly quite a few actually sticked with me through the end. I do hope you all enjoyed the class material and assignments, as much as I enjoyed reading all the answers, particularly the ones letting you state your opinions.

We have some quills to give out! The following people have successfully passed the class by earning at least an 'Acceptable' grade (having obtained at least 150 house points in the class):]
  • Alexander Brighton
  • Arianna Stonewater
  • Kendra Givens
  • Lizzi Long
  • Maxim Trevelyan
  • Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
  • Sky Alton
Fun fact - actually all of you passed with the highest possible grade of 'Outstanding'. The class offers The Chamber of Secrets Award to all those who complete all class work or otherwise earn at least an E (Exceeds Expectations) grade. Because you've all done an amazing job and achieved an Outstanding grade, you all obtain the award! Huge congratulations to everyone!

Lastly, the class offers the Shining Start of Hard Work award to those who go above and beyond with their class work. Needless to say, this was difficult to figure out as basically all the received work was simply brilliant. After much deliberation with myself, I would like to congratulate Arianna Stonewater, Kendra Givens, and Sky Alton! The creativity and effort displayed throughout the whole term certainly blows my mind!

I am very thankful to all of you for having been a part of this class, and wish you success into your future classes!

Hoping to see all of you around HOL (but not too soon as I'll be out for vacation for some days),
Prof. Zoki Phantom
Arianna Stonewater
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Re: Grindelwald's Crimes - Graduation Spring Term 2019

Post by Arianna Stonewater »

yay for shinies! Thanks for such a fun and interesting class!!
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Re: Grindelwald's Crimes - Graduation Spring Term 2019

Post by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black »

Thanks for the shiney!

I enjoyed this class a lot. Some things which I'd not thought about previously were made quite blatantly clear in the lesson.
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