Grindelwald's Crimes - Graduation Fall Term 2018

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Grindelwald's Crimes - Graduation Fall Term 2018

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Wee've reached the end of the term! I've thoroughly enjoyed everyone's thoughts, views, and analysing of Gellert Grindelwald's journey and his relationship with Albus Dumbledore. I do hope you all have equally enjoyed the class. :)

We have some quills to give out! The following people have successfully passed the class by earning at least an 'Acceptable' grade (having obtained at least 150 house points in the class):
  • Alex Sparks
  • Daisy Lovegood
  • Meredith Malkins
  • Olivia Thornblood
  • Sirius Fudge

Well done all of you, and thank you for your efforts!

The class offers The Chamber of Secrets Award to all those who complete all class work or otherwise earn at least an E (Exceeds Expectations) grade. Congratulations to Alex Sparks, Daisy Lovegood, and Meredith Malkins on obtaining this achievement!

Lastly, the class offers the Shining Start of Hard Work award to those who go above and beyond with their class work - this term this goes to Meredith Malkins! Not only did she earn the full possible 300 house points in the class, her work's creativity and effort were truly impressive.

I want to thank you all for having been a part of this class, and wish you success into your future classes! Further thanks to those providing feedback and comments on the class content, especially Daisy Lovegood. Will be taken into account and incorporated for next term. :)

Hoping to see all of you around HOL,
Prof. Zoki Phantom

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