Winter Snitch Tournament: CONCLUDING POST

Is that a snowball or the Snitch?!
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Winter Snitch Tournament: CONCLUDING POST

Post by Will Lestrange » Tue Apr 03, 2018 5:31 am

The first ever Winter Snitch tournament ended when Professor Scarlet Leslie-Lewis caught her sixth Golden Snitch of the tournament against a very familiar rival for her, Professor Cody Lewis! But this was not a foregone conclusion... a lot had to happen in order for the final match to end up as a Lewis household affair resolving itself in this way.

From the first week, we knew this wouldn't be an ordinary Snitch tournament when Darcey Goode set a new Snitch puzzle solving record at 18 seconds (only 14 1/2 seconds slower than Roderick Plumpton!) en route to snagging a Snitch against Will Lestrange. But when Cody (tagging in for a player who was taking a break from the school) beat Darcey by three squares and Will averted Cody's Wronski Feint for a victory of his own, their division was forced into a 3-way tie to for first place.

In the other division, Scarlet comfortably settled into first place for her division and Shiloh Adlar nestled in right behind her for second place. But third place - and the final playoff spot of the tournament - was not yet determined: having tied their own match, Emma Borg and Shadow Gaunt were tied with identical 1-2-1 records.

So for the first time in the history of HOL Snitch tournaments, we had ties that could not be broken by head-to-head... instead, they were settled by special logic races at the beginning of March! In Division A (the one with the 3-way tie), Will managed to outsolve Darcey to get a first-round bye in the playoffs; in Division B, Emma beat out Shadow for the final spot in the playoffs.

In the wild-card round of the playoffs, Darcey comfortably beat Emma in one match, and Cody skillfully flew his way to BOTH Wronski Feints to dispatch Shiloh in the second match.

Then, one late day in March, both semifinals took place. When Scarlet faced Darcey on the pitch, the puzzle turned out to be a question of uniform numbers. As Cody, wearing #6, blew his referee's whistle and Will, wearing his #99, watched as an official, we all watched the #5 worn by Darcey out in front, jumping to an early lead with both trivia and the clues. But when the Snitch was finally caught, we saw that the person holding onto the shiny ball was actually wearing the trademark #9 of Scarlet! Seven hours later, it was time for Cody and Will to meet on the pitch. Although Will got the first four questions, Cody completely dominated the rest of the trivia game... and managed to trap Will into yet another Wronski feint (the fourth one in three matches). Even a sixty-second solve wasn't enough to erase the rest of the game: Cody snagged the Snitch to face Scarlet in the finals.

Finally it was time for the Lewis household affair in the finals, with the opposing Seekers glaring at each other from adjacent rooms. Cody's performance in trivia was overpowering and had Scarlet literally flying around in circles. But this time it was Scarlet's turn to find a Wronski Feint square; the Iron Man met his metallic match in the form of three bludgers (which, ironically, were made up of the same material as Cody's Avenger suit.) So when all was said and done, Scarlet ended up getting the final clue five squares... and four minutes... ahead of Cody. It all came down to the puzzle: an intimidating affair in which five of the best Quidditch players of days gone by (Cassandra Lobiesk, Isabelle Aude, Matt Whisp, Ron Diggory, and Seven Ashitaka) were endorsing new brooms by flying at high speeds over long distances! The broom display of the old greats was so enthralling and distracting that it took Scarlet a full 13 1/2 minutes to solve the puzzle! But Cody took a few minutes longer still... and that gave Scarlet enough time to catch the final Snitch of the tournament. (If you want to pit your wits against Cassie, Isabelle, Matt, Ron, and Seven, you can do so down in the dungeons!)

We need to give a quick shout-out to everyone who played in the tournament... Alexander Brighton, Cody Lewis, Darcey Goode, Emma Borg, Kendra Givens, Scarlet Leslie-Lewis, Shadow Gaunt, Shiloh Adlar, and Will Lestrange!
But this tournament needed more than just players: without referees, the matches could never have happened! As promised, the five people who have reffed matches in the tournament: Cody Lewis, Katelin Ross, Maxim Trevelyan, Scarlet Leslie-Lewis, and Shiloh Adlar have been awarded Beans for their reffing services. Moreover, in honor of the Quijudges who volunteered their own time to help us out, we will give two Honorable Mentions and two Quidditch Spirit Awards!

-For maneuvering her way around an incredibly busy schedule to ref multiple matches in addition to playing in the tournament itself, we give an honorable mention to Shiloh Adlar!
-For reffing multiple matches, serving as an official, and helping to teach me how to Snitch ref, another honorable mention will go out to Cody Lewis!

-One spirit award will go to someone who not only reffed six matches throughout various stages of the tournament, but also took the lead in teaching me how to qualify as a Snitch ref myself. This spirit award will go to the tournament winner... Scarlet Leslie-Lewis!
-The other spirit award goes to the person who has taken an enormous amount of time, effort, and energy into reffing no fewer than TEN matches (including the final!), crafting grids, and helping schedule matches. It's pretty fair to say that without her presence as a referee, this tournament probably wouldn't have happened at all. The winner of this spirit award will therefore be... Katelin Ross!

OH YEAH! I forgot: there's one last honorable mention I have to give. I had wanted to host a Winter Snitch Tournament since before I joined QB, and it took a lot of support and collaboration from QB to make it happen. Although not a seeker herself, this person outdid herself with tons of Snitch puzzles involving everyone's favorite pranksters, Fred and George Weasley. She was an invaluable help with both organization and moral support: dealing with me at both my best and my worst. Therefore, one last honorable mention goes to... Tarma Amelia Black!
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Re: Winter Snitch Tournament: CONCLUDING POST

Post by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:14 am

Thank you, Will, for being determined and scheduling and doing all of it. This Tournament wouldn't have happened without you.

Thank you all who played -- no, I'm not a Seeker! :D

Thank you all who reffed -- especially Katelin who rearranged her schedule to accomodate so many games. :wub:

That last game, played tonight, was so close. A true nail-biter! Well done, Cody and Scarlet, in providing lots of entertainment! :lol:
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Re: Winter Snitch Tournament: CONCLUDING POST

Post by Shadow Gaunt » Tue Apr 03, 2018 1:36 pm

Thank you all the refs, Will, and Tarma! This was very fun to participate in! Good job all the players and congrats Scarlet!
Shadow Gaunt
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Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis
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Re: Winter Snitch Tournament: CONCLUDING POST

Post by Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis » Tue Apr 03, 2018 4:31 pm

I suppose it had to snow yesterday in honor of the final match of the Winter Snitch Tournament...

Thank you for hosting the tournament and creating so many fun and tricky logic puzzles! It felt really good to be seeking again! Thanks to everyone who reffed one of matches - Cody, Maxim, and Katelin, of course. I enjoy facing new opponents, so thank you to Emma and Shadow for playing me. It's always a pleasure to see Shiloh opposite me on the grid.

The playoffs were two of the most exciting matches that I've had in quite some time. I was so sure that my gridding error would cost me against Darcey. A different puzzle might've changed the outcome. The grid was actually on my side against Cody and I got the five trivia that I needed. I still have to figure out a better way to channel my adrenaline and solve quicker.

Thanks again! *runs off to find the pretty trophy that Cody is hiding somewhere*
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Shiloh Adlar
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Re: Winter Snitch Tournament: CONCLUDING POST

Post by Shiloh Adlar » Tue Apr 03, 2018 4:54 pm

Thank you to everyone who made this tournament possible! It was a nice break to my, yes, very busy schedule. I hope we get to have another one next year. Two in a year is definitely the way I would like to go.
Shiloh Adlar, Seventh Year
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Katelin Ross
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Re: Winter Snitch Tournament: CONCLUDING POST

Post by Katelin Ross » Wed Apr 04, 2018 5:46 am

Congrats to everyone on a well played Snitch Tournament! It was fun to watch everyone play. Thank you to the QB for hosting this event, and thank you for my new shiny award!

Thank you to my Secret Santa 2018 for the wonderful signature and avatar!!
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