How Do You Pronounce Your Name?

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Wilhelmina Cullen
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Post by Wilhelmina Cullen »

Wilhelmina Cullen

Cull (rhymes with hull)-in
Kylie Joel Lonerins
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Post by Kylie Joel Lonerins »

Well, my name..

Ky-closest sounds like Sky'
Lie-sounds same with Lee'

And next,Joel..
Hm..i think its sounds like Joule'

And last, Lonerins
Just says:Loner
and Ins rhymes like -Ins on 'Insist'

So 'Ky-lee-Jul-Loner-ins'

Hm,its easy right?:-)
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Aurelia Delarosa
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Post by Aurelia Delarosa »

Hmmm, mine's slightly entertaining, but here we go:

Aur- Pronounced like "our"
e- "eh"
li- "lee"
a- "ah"

my last name is kind of self-explanatory, but it's:

Dela- rhymes with Bella
Rosa- like rose, but with an a at the end

That's it ^^
Lavender Patil
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Post by Lavender Patil »

my name might be for some

lav-en-der named after lavender brown and pat-il named after lavenders bff patil paverti there if you still cant pronance my name hol message me :lol: :lol:
Claire Kilinc
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Post by Claire Kilinc »

as an introduction I need to say that I was born in England but married a Turkish man hence the mix of names

I have huge trouble with claire in Turkey- mainly being called clara
Its Kl - air

I have huge trouble with Kılınç in England - with most people saying kilink

It is supposed to be:
k- a as in ago ( unstressed)- l- a as in ago (unstressed) - n- ch

hard to explain in any other way.

I normally just accept whatever's going!
Eno Thomas
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Post by Eno Thomas »

I have a short name : Eno

It is spelled like you say n and o.

It was easy right? XD
Guinevere Eytinge
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Post by Guinevere Eytinge »

Alrighty so it's

G (as in the sound a g makes)

uin (as in win)

e (as the french pronounce the letter)

vere (as in veer)

Ey (as in the letter A)

Tin (as in ten)

ge (as in the sound a j makes)

there ya go, the last name sounds French, so if you have trouble pronouncing it, think French :P
Bere Lee
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Post by Bere Lee »

Be... (like in bed..just without the d)
re... (like in red.. just without the d)...because if you want to make a soft r sound (like I say it) it will be difficult for many who doesn't speak spanish, because it's actually softer, but I don't mind if you say it like in "red" sound, because a softer r sound it's just hard to explain written... since I don't think there is any english word that sound like I say it...anyway just go with "red" sound without the d....or maybe it sounds like "reh" but without really saying the h sound...

Lee (like eel..just backwards)
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Risa Swan
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Post by Risa Swan »

Ehm well,
Ri - rhymes with ring
sa - like in saw
and Swan, yea rhymes with Swan on Twilight or real swan.
Rowan Dream
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Post by Rowan Dream »

Ro ( as row with the w)
wan ( like in wand without the d )

dream ( uuh as in dream, )

Coryphee Etoile
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Post by Coryphee Etoile »

My HOL name is pronounced

kor-ee-fee eh-tw-al

It is comprised of two terms used to indicate the rank of a dancer. Coryphee is Russian used in the Kirov ballet to indicate a dancer between the highst and lowest rank. Etoile is French and is the ideal goal of the Paris Oper Ballet, as it is the highest rank and honor available.
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Ashling Hurst
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Post by Ashling Hurst »

Ashling - Ash - Ling (Like wing with but with a l)
Hurst - (Like Hurt but with a s lol)

Its pretty self explanatory!
Jessalyn Norton
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Post by Jessalyn Norton »

My name is pronounced:



I hope this helped!!
Raven Brightwood
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Post by Raven Brightwood »

Ray-vin Bry-t Would
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Genevieve Leshire
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Post by Genevieve Leshire »

Genevieve- Gen-a-vev

Leshire- Lee-shy-er
Teyana Winsel
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Post by Teyana Winsel »

Teyana Winsel
That's pretty easy ;)

Danni-Luna Starchild
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Post by Danni-Luna Starchild »

mines quite easy:
Dan as in Tan
EE like me

Loo as in like toilet
nah is n+ ah
star like in the sky
child as in kids

so Dan-ee-loo-nah-star-child
but i get danni from danielle, which in my name is pronounced dan-yelle not dan-ee-el or dan-i-ellee
that really is annoying
Aoife Lane
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Post by Aoife Lane »

My name is Aoife which is pronounced e-fa. It's Irish, and we like being difficult with pronunciation!
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Claudia Mullins
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Post by Claudia Mullins »


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