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Megaera Selwyn
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Post by Megaera Selwyn »

Megaera is, of course, one of the Furies (Erinyes) of Greek mythology. I chose it because there is a character in the HP books called Alecto and she is another of the Furies. Megaera also sounds like a good, pureblooded name, which is what my HOL character is supposed to be. ;)

Selwyn is from the HP books as well. An old, pureblood name apparently. I chose it because I wanted a more "wizard" name but not be one of hundreds of Malfoys, Snapes, etc on here.

Put them together and you have a prissy, holier-than-thou, pureblood witch with possible Death-Eater connections. :lol:
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Kiri Galdor
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Post by Kiri Galdor »

Kiri is a Maori name meaning Tree or originates from Cambodia meaning Mountain.
I was told it meant little bird...hmm. Tree or Mountain is fine though.

Galdor is the name of an elf from Lord of the Rings who came from the Grey Havens, a messenger for Cirdan, the Shipwright.

Thats me.

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Lyance Carter
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Post by Lyance Carter »

I was registering for HOL and thought of the first thing that came into my mind. Lyance was the name of a very dear friend of mine. And carter. Well I just thought it would sound cool.

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Ondine Li
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Post by Ondine Li »

Ondine is the name of a water nymph from German mythology, and I'm pretty fond of sea creatures. Also, an Undine is a water spirit or a water elemental usually found in water falls and forest pools. As for the last name, Li, I'm a big fan of Asian culture and it's an old name a friend of mine calls me sometimes.
Penelope Garrido-Mitchell
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Post by Penelope Garrido-Mitchell »

Well, Penny comes from my real name, Penelope, but Penny is way easier to type :P My surname Bilkus, is a different spelling of my real surname. My real surname's Lithuanian and "Bilkus" is how we spell it to most people as they can pronounce it :P

I needed something I could remember, but I realised I had quite a good memory as I made up a username for another site. That one was "Hayden Alanna Lisbeth Odilia Tiasa" and I actually managed to remember it :P

I wish I'd chosen something more interesting.

Like Fionnuala Lesen. Fionnuala is the Irish version of Penelope. And Lesen is my favourite activity, reading!
Talitha Asher
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Post by Talitha Asher »

Talitha is my real first name. Asher comes from Cobra Starship's Victoria Asher
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Ava Summers
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Post by Ava Summers »

My name is quite simple... I chose 'Ava' as my first name because it is a name I have always liked and it's also I name I chose because I do not know anybody with this name, and I don't associate a face to it when I hear it. It makes me feel somewhat original hehe...

As for my last name Summers, well that is somewhat self-explanatory I guess... I chose it because Summer is my favorite season and I thought that my name would be a good representation of myself :)
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Terry Potter
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Post by Terry Potter »

actually I wanted to steal the magic in the Harry Potter name without breaking HOL rules, so I thought that I might get a name that goes with Harry which is Terry and get Potter as a surname. and I have the habit of finding the meaning of the names so I searched Terry and found that it means (Powerful or a supreme ruler) , so in the end I like my HOL name

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Kiora Quigley
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Post by Kiora Quigley »

Bot Kiora and Quigley are Irish names, Kiora means 'small and dark' and Quigley 'unkempt', which pretty much sums up my outer appearance. So that's the whole story.
Virendra Murphy
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Post by Virendra Murphy »

When I signed up, I decided I wanted a different and creative name that no one had but that sounded cool too. So I went searching and I found Virendra which was original and means "Brave noble person" which I thought worked pretty well.

Murphy is from Audie Murphy who is one of the most decorated US soldiers. I read his book and a few years back and look up to the type of person he was and the things he did, therefore I used Murphy for my last name! (it means "Descendant Of Sea Warrior" and my grandparents were in the Navy so that was a plus!)

Violet Harker
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Post by Violet Harker »

I just like the name Violet. It's a family name too, so easy to remember. The last name came from Mina Harker, one of my favorite literary characters of all time.
Vivyx Ventricosa
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Post by Vivyx Ventricosa »

I completely made up my first name. I just thought it sounded pretty cool and I like having a "yx" in it. And for my last name Ventricosa is some type of carnivourus plant. That's basically it.
Sosha McGonagall
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Post by Sosha McGonagall »

My first name, Sohsa, was just a name I made from my head and I liked it very much.
My last name, Mcgonagall, is the last name Of Minerva Mcgonagall, whom is my fave teacher, and is also my mother.
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Marie Crouch
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Post by Marie Crouch »

easy to answer :D
My 1st name comes from my kitten. She´s called Marie.
My 2nd name comes from my favorite footie-player: Peter Crouch
Just liked the name wink.gif
Alva Saint-Clair
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Post by Alva Saint-Clair »

Hmm... What's in my name? The first honest thought that came across my mind is "saintly" :lol:

I chose Alva because it's kind of like my real name... But it's not my real first name. :ph34r: Alva is a twist of the greek letter Alpha, whih means first. I really liked it, because I liked to be ahead of things, the first to know gossips... You get the idea. ;)
As for Saint-Clair, I have no idea why I chose that name. It's one of the cool surnames I found while reading Da Vinci code and after trying several names to decide which sounds best with Alva, I chose Saint-Clair. I'm really starting to get attached to my name... :lol:
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Anathema Grievous Ferwheel
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Post by Anathema Grievous Ferwheel »

Well, Anathema is my nickname in games and forums for 2.5 years, so that's my first name. Then Grievous is my favourite Star Wars character :lol: And Ferwheel means excitement because it's Fer Wheel, like Ferris Wheel. That's about it.
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Mirelle Alessandra
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Post by Mirelle Alessandra »

Well, i like the name Mirelle. So, I used it as my HOL name. As for Alessandra, well, I got it from the name of 1 of y favorite models :)
Evelina Hawthorne
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Post by Evelina Hawthorne »

Well, this book I'm reading is amazing. The main character is Evelina (hence the title). It was written in the 18th century and is just so lovely!
And I got my last name from one of my favourite authors, Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Aurelia Odyssey
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Post by Aurelia Odyssey »

My first name came from a book I was reading a while ago and my last name came from the famous Literature by Homer.
Melody Sunshine
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Post by Melody Sunshine »

Well i always like the name Melody and if i was to change my name i proberly change it to this, and as for Sunshine well my faviourte season is summer even though i wasn't born in summer its still my faviourte as i like the bright sunshine from it.
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