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Forum Moderators wanted

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At the start this new term a couple of spots have become available for forum moderators. It is a fun job that allows you to help shape HOL into the wonderful place it is and make sure that the area you moderate stays active and continues to evolve.

As for who can apply, we invite everyone to do so; the only requirement for applying is that you would like to take on this responsibility and are interested in volunteering your time to help HOL be the best it can be.

There are three different forums you can be chosen as a moderator for.
Please note that while we do ask for your preference, you may be assigned to any of the three that currently need a moderator.
That being said; these are the forums:
Harry Potter: For all your magical needs. (Currently full)
Entertainment: A place to discuss movies, TV, books, music and games
Discussions: For everything else you can possibly think of to talk about.

The requirements for being a successful moderator of any of these forums are:

•Post a minimum of one new topic a month
•Revive old threads by replying to them where appropriate.
•Join in on discussions started by others
•Periodically clean the forum of old or inactive threads that you don’t think can be revived
•Soft delete any spam or questionable content and alert a Head Student or member of the HO so they can take any action needed.

These requirements must be met if you wish to remain on as a moderator and those who do not will be given a warning and removed as moderators if it continues.

If being a moderator sounds like something you'd be interested in and if you would like to become even more involved with HOL, then please consider submitting an application by 11.59 PM on Friday the 18th of September.
All applications will be reviewed by the HS and the HO before any decisions are made.

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