HOL Goals 2020/2021

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Gail Allen
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HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Gail Allen »

What are your goals for this school year?
However big or small, this is the place to share them and to see what everyone else have in mind, and to keep us all motivated to accomplish what we set out to do.

And to those who complete at least three of their goals, The Gold Spirit Award will be awarded at the end of the school year. This award was begun several years ago as part of something known as HOL Appreciation Month and has since then been continued by Sky Alton.

So, read the criteria below and then have a think about what you’d like to achieve for yourself this year. Once you’re done, post your goals as a reply to this thread and get to work on them and earn yourself a shiny award at year’s end!

  • You must make at least 3 goals, though we’d like 4 or 5.
  • They must be goals we can check and verify in some way. If you want to collect a certain amount of beans or the like, you’ll need to send me a screenshot of you having the right amount.
  • One goal must be how many house points you’d like to earn (either overall or in particular classes)
  • One goal must be related to classes (number of quills you want to earn, number of OWLs you want to complete, number of classes you want to teach/assist)
  • You must achieve (or get very close) to at least 3 of your goals to qualify for an award
The very best of luck!
Mia Fountain
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Mia Fountain »

My goals for this year:

1. Earn at least 3000 house points this year.
2. Earn full 300 house points in at least 4 classes.
3. Pass all classes this year.
4. Submit to each of the houses newspapers at least once.
5. Win at least 3 joystick (golden, silver, or bronze) awards this year.
Astor Arensin
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Astor Arensin »

1. Earn at least 1000 house points
2. Earn above 250 points in all my classes
3. Pass all my classes
4. Participate in more than half of the HOL/House monthly activities (that I have access to as an eagle)
5. Win Challenge Master Diamonds for every DoHGaS monthly event (basically do 3 out of 4 of the challenges every month)
Adaleine Shuster
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Adaleine Shuster »

1. Participate in at least 1 activity from each house
2. Earn at least 2000 points
3. Graduate from 5 classes
4. Run one activity in Gryff (besides the current one)
5. Send in a newspaper submission for 2/4 houses
Arianna Stonewater
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Arianna Stonewater »

  • I'd like to get at least an E on my remaining OWLs (i think i only have 2?)
  • I'd like to earn AT LEAST 200 points in all of my classes this year
  • I'd like to have 250 friends! (at the time of posting i have 186)
  • I'd like to participate in at least one activity in each house this year
Rory Devaney
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Rory Devaney »

Stay active
Pass all five classes.
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February Fortescue
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by February Fortescue »

My goals for the 2020/2021 year:

* Earn all 10 quills
* Earn at least 4,000 points
* Teach at least 5 classes
* Submit to each House newspaper at least twice (if offered)
* Help run at least 2 Slytherin activities
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Prof. Will Lestrange
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Prof. Will Lestrange »

There's no Quidditch Cup this year, and as a professor my points don't count for the multiplier, but... let's see!

-Teach at least 4 total classes this year (stretch goal: 6)
-Earn at least 300 non-class points this year (stretch goal: 500)
-Help lead Slytherin to a House Cup
-Find at least 10 Slytherin participants in an in-house activity (such as Emerald Cup)
-Win at least 5 HOL awards (stretch goal: 10)
Iverian Gnash
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Iverian Gnash »

New year, new goals!
  • Pass all 10 classes
  • Earn 300 points in 6 of those classes
  • Submit at least 6 department projects
  • Run three activities
  • Submit to every house newspaper at least once
  • Teach six classes
  • Earn 15 awards
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Sebastien Crowley
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Sebastien Crowley »

Pass at least half of my classes.
Get at least 200 points in more than half of them.
Submit to a house newspaper.
Participate in a HOL activity.
Participate actively in one of HOL's clubs.
Emily Spencer
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Emily Spencer »

My Goals for 2020/21

Earn all 10 quills
Help Organize at least 1 HOL-wide activity
Earn at least 4,000 points
Help Slytherin win the House Cup
Teach at least 3 classes
Do at least 2 Library projects
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Lucia Dinapoli
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Lucia Dinapoli »

My goals for this year are:

~Earn at least 2000 house points
~Pass all my classes I take!
~Submit at least 5 articles for my Column in the SerpenTimes
~Participate in a HOL activity!
~Get involved with the art department and submit something at least once!
Sky Denver
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Sky Denver »

My goals for this year are as follows:
- Earn 1,000 house points
- Earn at least 2 quills
- Pass my class this year
- Submit a piece to The Sett
- And take place in one house activity this year
Phoenix Wiel
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Phoenix Wiel »

My goals for this year are:
PASS ALL CLASSES (im manifesting)
meet new friends!
and earn house point for Hufflepuff
Prof. Sindor Aloyarc
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Prof. Sindor Aloyarc »

1.} Teach a new class in Spring of 2021.
2.} Earn 1500 Points by any means.
3.} Submissions accepted in all four Newspapers.
4.} Participate in an Activity from all four Houses.
5.} Run/Co-Lead/Assist an HOL Activity.
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Fumei Spookie
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Fumei Spookie »

1. Getting active again
2. Try to pass all my classes
3. Earn at least 3000 points
4. Getting through all my O.W.L.s
5. Going to try to not to get confundold x'D
Rose Pottermore
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Rose Pottermore »

1) Pass all of my classes
2) Submit to at least one newspaper in every issue
3) Get 600 house points each in both the terms
4) Earn at least 2 quills throughout the year
5) Earn at least 1 award ( Is it hard to do so?)
Kendra Givens
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Kendra Givens »

1. Get 300 points in at least 8 classes.
2. Complete 10 OWLs with at least Exceeds Expectations in each.
3. Submit 4 Department projects (combination of Library and Art).
4. Submit to each house newspaper once.
5. Participate in 2 activities in each house.
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Amy Smith
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Amy Smith »

1) Earn at least 1500 points.
2) Get at least 300 points in 3 classes.
3) Submit to at least 3 house newspapers once.
4) participate in all the house activities at least once.
Charlie Spencer
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Charlie Spencer »

1. Pass all classes
2. Earn full points in at least 5 classes
3. Do at least 3 library projects
4. Submit at least 1 time to all house newspapers
5. Participate in at least 1 activity from each house
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