Hufflepuff House Spirit Awards - Fall Term 2019 and February 2020

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Hufflepuff House Spirit Awards - Fall Term 2019 and February 2020

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We ( me) had a bit of a crazy Fall that put us (me) behind the 8 ball as the saying goes, but now thanks to a very determined Tarma, I am happy to announce the Hufflepuff House Spirt Awards for the 2019 Fall Term.

Here's a list for the Scholarly Badgers for Fall 2019 Term
Selenophilia Moon - Second Year
Jordyn Tidwell - First Year
Katelin Ross - Post Graduate
Ravariel Aiwince - Fifth Year
Pezzie Wolfe - Fourth Year
Jellicle Moon - Sixth Year
Eve Roarke - Third Year

The Bright Badger - Professor Edition goes to
Tarma Amelia Black - Professor

The Bright Badgers for each month are
September - Serena Lockwood
October - Selenophilia Moon
November - Lunar Vangogh
December - Selenophilia Moon (again!)
January - Jordyn Tidwell
February - Kyle Winters

We had a couple of people receiving the House Spirit Award ... (thank you)
Professor Opal Dragonfly
Eve Roarke

A new Badger has received a Badger Cub award!
Amy Darvill

Badger By Another Name Award goes to --
Iverian Gnash

The Hungarian Horntail Award for the Fall 2019 Term goes to
Professor Opal Dragonfly

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