Hufflepuff House Spirit Awards - 7/18 through 10/18

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Hufflepuff House Spirit Awards - 7/18 through 10/18

Post by Felicia »

Fels! Help please!

I was getting together the stuff for the announcement and Parker came in. Usually I keep stuff from blowing around when he shows up, but I was distracted ... I was watching Charlie out there with some dragons, you know and Charlie .... Anyway, I was distracted. I think I managed to hide everything from him, but with Parker you never know. I gave the awards a quick once over... Wait! What's that? A dragon just flew by my window. I'm going to post the awards now so I can go see Charlie... I mean start working on November's awards.

In a rush,



nZe reMGcgor
leElean satlaGa
Badger Sett-er
sorfesPro racletS slieLe-Lesiw


Bright Badger

nynlAr Cssaydi


Bright Badger

adnAys d'winlMo


lolyM bauGar

Badger Sett-er

yltKian leoN
raastiA vReirs

Fels laughed and sighed a bit. "Oh, Tarma. I do know about Charlie ...." She wrote a note to herself to figure out the rest of the missive and names. Then wandered over to the window. Maybe Charlie was still there, flying on the Quidditch pitch?

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