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Re: Gathering and Games

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2018 10:58 pm
by Sky Alton
Remember we're meeting in #gamesroom tomorrow at 5 PM HOL-time! But more importantly, remember that the clocks go back in the UK tonight so HOL time will be changing back to UTC: this means the games might not necessarily be at the time you expect so double check HOL-time on the Calendar Page.

Re: Gathering and Games

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2018 3:50 pm
by Sky Alton
We’re pleased to announce we’ll be meeting in #gamesroom on Sunday 25th November, 5 till 8 PM HOL-time. Come join us!

In October, We had an exciting first session of the school year with a fabulous turnout. We started off with a warm up game of ‘Where Am I’ (essentially a hybrid between hide and seek and 20 questions): Prof. Tarma Black was in the Hogwarts kitchens, a hiding place that lead our guessers to wish they had a blueprint of the castle in front of them. As if that wasn’t disorientating enough, our next hider was even more difficult to pin down but after running through just about every business we’d ever walked by on Diagon Alley, we eventually discovered Prof. Zenix James in the Visitor’s Tearoom and Hospital Shop at St Mungos.

After that, we had a game of ‘Spell it Out’ where our players must decide how to respond to a given situation using one of the spells dealt out to them. Zenix was a victor yet again for a well-deserved silencing charm on a very destructive kitty and Iverian Gnash won simply for styling out a terrible ostrich incident with such panache that I forgot to make a note of which spell she actually used. The champion of our next scenario was Katelin Ross who simply decided to make a situation all better by providing everyone with slides. Tarma emerged victorious in the next round for an incredibly well timed cheering charm and Katelin rounded off the game with another win, this time for breaking up a brawl with disillusionment charms.

To complete the evening we entered the dicey land of Work Experience with The Hogwarts Internship Program. In my new role as recruiter for The Quibbler, Gringotts Bank and The Department for Magical Transportation (why do you think this recap is so late, I’ve not had time to blink!), it was up to me to decide who was worthy of each internship based on the application they submitted and how well they used the 5 random qualities/items dealt out to them. Will Lestrange swiped the position at The Quibbler for his total lack of discipline teamed with an advanced ability to deal with Snorkack bites. Vanessa Tilley will be heading to Gringotts on the strength of her innovative use of Gillyweed to perform maintenance on ‘The Thief’s Downfall’. Iverian will be bringing chaos to the ministry with her plan for edible portkeys. It’s just as well I picked up some valuable tips on how to write an application: my career as recruiter may be, I’m sad to say, short lived.

Looking forward to more fun on the 25th!

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Posted: Sun Nov 25, 2018 11:23 am
by Sky Alton
Remember today we'll be in #gamesroom, 5 till 8 PM HOL-time!

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Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:37 pm
by Sky Alton
You’re all cordially invited to join us for more fun in #gamesroom on Sunday December 16th, 5-8 PM HOL-time

November’s was a very relaxed affair. We started off with a case of an old favourite: 20 Questions in Reverse. The thing to guess was particularly devious this time meaning it took Will Lestrange a while (and a couple of hints) to work out that he was actually the charm ‘reparo’. Fun fact: the spell isn’t named until book 4 which astounded me. It’s so useful!

Next we played Articulate with Amy and myself joining in to spice things up. My dodgy spelling certainly managed that, though Prof. Tarma Black’s Monty Python references were equally as hilariously baffling. We began an informal contest to see who could come up with the most obscure clues and with answers spanning non-tradable items, confectionary, languages and Quidditch moves (and players), things got quite obscure indeed. The final score was Will on 12, myself on 5 and Tarma on 3.

Next we revived Apples to Apples (affectionately known as Gurdyroots to Gurdyroots), with Professor Flitwick’s sassiness and a terrible case of pixies being some of the highlights. Amy and Tarma both secured two victories with Will and I both getting 1. There was time for one round of traditional 20 Questions after that which left us all stumped until Tarma gave us the most generous hint ever and Will finally pinned it down as ‘niffler’ (we’d all been thinking centaur, acromantula or unicorn, so not even in the right MoM classification ballpark).

Hope you can drag yourself away from the other excitements occurring round the castle this month and join us on the 16th!

Re: Gathering and Games

Posted: Fri Dec 14, 2018 2:58 pm
by Prof. Amy Lupin
We're hoping to launch a new game at our next Gathering and Games event, but we need your help to make it happen.

We've composed a list of categories needing suggestions using the following form. For example, if the category were "wizarding sweet", you might suggest "chocolate frog".

While we do ask that you keep all your suggestions HOL-appropriate, feel free to make your suggestions random, funny and/or creative. We won't necessarily be going with the most common suggestion, but rather ones that we feel might make the game more interesting.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Gathering and Games

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 2:58 pm
by Sky Alton
Remember we'll be gathering in a couple hours at 5 PM HOL-Time! Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 3:15 pm
by Sky Alton
January’s gathering will be in #gamesroom on Sunday the 27th, 5 until 8 PM HOL! Join us to celebrate the end of the autumn term.

December’s session was hectic to say the least. We kicked things off with a good old fashioned snowball fight, a game I’d only dreamed up a few hours previously which turned out to be the perfect demonstration of why Amy starts researching vacations on remote and peaceful islands whenever I say ‘I’ve had an idea!’. Everyone was provided with 5 snowballs and had 5 lives. The aim was to get rid of all your snowballs (by flinging them at everyone else) while retaining as many of your lives as possible. Cody Lewis was first up to the plate but he took some convincing to actually throw one at anyone: his nobility of heart obviously saw him through as he survived for several rounds without any of the snowballs chucked his way actually hitting their target. He was our winner with 4 lives remaining, with Vanessa Tilley and Shadow Gaunt tying on 3, Will Lestrange on 2 and Amy trailing with 1.

It was time for something a bit more cooperative and we divided up into the Purple (Cody and Vanessa) and Orange (Shadow and Will) teams for ‘Word on Diagon Alley’ (Letter Tug-o-War). This is a game of linguistic agility where your ability to think of words with a lot of different letters is paramount. We saw such wonderful words as 'whipper-snipper' (securing Orange their first letter), 'aranygaluska' (courtesy of Purple), mangshanyegan (a citrus fruit appropriately submitted by Orange) and perhaps most impressively of all, Vanessa’s 'Micropachycephalosaurus'. This latter lead to the best question I think we’ve ever heard at G and G: Cody ‘What’s the scientific name for a whipper-snipper?’. The final score was 6 for Orange, 4 for Purple.

There was time for a quick blitz of fan favourite, 'Who Am I'. Temporality tripped up Shadow into revealing herself as Neville, allowing Cody to take over. He kept us guessing for a while until Nessa thought to ask whether he helped out at Quidditch matches and the spotlight fell on Madame Hooch.

Phew, I’m out of breath just recapping all that. We hope to see you back in #gamesroom for more fun on the 27th!

Re: Gathering and Games

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 3:31 pm
by Sky Alton
It's nearly that time again, folks. Join us in #gamesroom tomorrow, 5 to 8 PM HOL-time!

Re: Gathering and Games

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 10:54 pm
by Sky Alton
This month’s gathering will be in #gamesroom on Sunday 24th February, 5 PM until 8 PM HOL-Time

January’s session was a Social Deduction Special, starting with an old friend: Spyfall. First we were in a school. Questions about the number of rooms, books, cameras and people abounded. Unfortunately for our spy, Iverian Gnash, she was unmasked fairly swiftly due to her ambiguous response regarding the number of windows. Location 2 was a submarine. Prof. Tarma Black and Vanessa Tilley were masterfully vague about the presence of food and water but the eagle eyed spy, Shadow Gaunt, swooped in and uncovered the location in record time.

Next we tried a brand new game, the wonderfully and weirdly named ‘Werewords’. Here, the village was tasked with working out what person or thing their mayor was thinking of while the seer tried to subtly help and the werewolf tried to subtly hinder. Questions ranged all over the place as we tried to work out what living thing Mayor Adaleine Shuster was thinking of. Tarma managed to guess house elf but the game wasn’t won yet. Nessa the werewolf revealed herself and was able to identify Iverian as the seer, securing victory for lupine kind. Nessa reformed to become the town’s mayor for the second round and came up with a word so devious that the village was stumped. After nobody got it on the final question, we held a vote to discover the werewolf. Suspicions were evenly split between Tarma, Iverian and Cody Lewis, meaning that Cody managed to escape detection.

To finish off the evening, I offered people the chance to pick our game and they all plumped for the Hogwarts Internship Program. What I didn’t let on at the time was that I didn’t actually have the cards for that one: cue a frantic 5 minutes while I did my best to remember items and traits from past iterations of the game (and did some shameless inventing). Cody was our first employer and he was after a new Dragon Trainer. Tarma cited her ‘sparkling’ love for dragons and useful gigantic ‘toadstool’ (for springing onto their backs, something Cody told us you must never do); Adaleine put forward a case involving her ‘enthusiasm and ‘invisibility cloak’, a combination she regarded as so successful she foresaw just being able to sit back and eat ‘chocolate frogs’. However, it was Iverian’s promise to make the dragons very ‘fluffy’ beds and keep mischief makers away with her ‘sneakoscope’ that won her the contract.

This meant she was able to take up the mantel of employer for the next round and after I’d run around with some more totally not improvised cards, she announced the vacant post: Librarian. Tarma made a strong, ‘cape’ swirling start, vowing to go after book offenders with her ‘ever-bashing boomerang’. Shadow focused on her responsible streak, vowing to go after ‘hairy’ spiders who would menace her books and challenge any suspicious characters seeking to gain access to the Restricted Section with a going over with her ‘probity probe’. Adaleine was another formidable (if ‘flamboyant’) Librarian but admitted that she didn’t permit ‘The Monster Book of Monsters’ in her library as it was a safety hazard (to the other books, you understand). However, it was Cody who swiped the position with a fine demonstration of his ‘discipline’, though really it was because of his very ‘fancy hat’ (a card which has secured several other victories over the time we’ve been playing the game).

We look forward to seeing you in #gamesroom on the 24th!