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Torii Taylor
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Torii Taylor »

1) Earn 3000 points this year.
2) Pass all classes.
3) Participate in at least 1 activity from each different house.
4) Earn 6 quills.
Gail Allen
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Gail Allen »

*Earn at least 4000 points
*Earn 10 quills
*Complete at least 10 OWLs
*Submit content to at least 2 House Newspapers
*Participate in more than half of the art department projects
*Teach 3 classes both terms
*Be a class assistant both terms
*Co-host at least one HOLwide activity
*Participate in at least two HOLwide activities that I am not organizing (If they're offered)
Prof. Rorey Padfoot
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Prof. Rorey Padfoot »

1. I want to earn at least 3,000 points
2. I want to earn at least 5 quills this year
3. I want to participate in at least half of the Art and Library Department activities
4. Submit to two house papers
5. Participate in two HOL-wide activity
~Prof. Rorey Padfoot~*~Ravenclaw~
Maxim Trevelyan
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Maxim Trevelyan »

I am going easy on myself this year. :lol:
  • Get over 3700 points.
  • Get all Quills (10).
  • Submit something to each House's newspaper (in general, not each issue).
  • Host or co-host at least one HOL-wide activity.
  • Get 25 new awards.
Jessica Barnes
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Jessica Barnes »

I was thinking about my goals this School year and I decided that my goals were
1) Complete at least 10 classes for year 1.
2) Get as many points as I can in each class.
3) Make as many friends as I can.
Luna Mae Moon
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Luna Mae Moon »

My goals:
1. Earn at least 1000 house points
2. Pass at least 3 of my classes
3. Stay Active on HOL
4. Earn at least one quill
5. Complete all of my assigments for all of my classes
Aurelia West
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Aurelia West »

Since it's my first semester back after a break, I'll try to challenge myself accordingly.

1.) Complete at least 4 OWLs
2.) Earn at least 2500 points
3.) Earn perfect 300 points in 4 classes
4.) Participate in an activity hosted by each house
5.) Send in submissions to at least 2 newspapers
Silvana Mandeville
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Silvana Mandeville »

My goals:
- Pass all classes I take.
- Earn at least 250 points in 4 classes.
- Earn at least 5 awards.
- Earn 5 quills.
- Submit at least 3 works to the Book Club.
Izzy Gray
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Izzy Gray »

I know it's already 2021, but I've only just joined x

My Goals for this year's HOL are:
·Earn at least 500 points
·Hand in ALL my homework early for at least two weeks
·Complete all homework
·Participate in at least fifteen activities in the Departments zone
·Participate in at least one activity weekly/ every two weeks if I'm really busy
·Dedicate my time to my HOL schoolwork every evening if I am not too busy
Hannah Lovegood
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Re: HOL Goals 2020/2021

Post by Hannah Lovegood »

I want to get 145 friends.
I want to earn 5 quills.
I want to help at least 1 person at HOL.
I want to earn 1,500 house points for my classes.
I want to feed at least one professor's pet.
I want to submit to 1 of the newspapers.
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