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Juliette de Winter
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Post by Juliette de Winter »

"Here," my grandmother said, tossing a book in my direction. "I hear they're all the rage for young children nowadays." It fell to the ground next to my chair, a purple book with a strange boy on the cover. My grandmother sniffed dismissively and stuck her nose in the air. "I saw it some bookshop near Abbey Road...thought you might like it. Happy birthday." She walked away, her posture completely erect, the gray bun on her head never quivering.

But to me, she was long gone. The book had all my attention now. I had always loved books...fat ones, tiny ones, horrifying tales of tragedy, thrilling tales of adventure, and classic novels of romance. But this one seemed different. It had an aura of intrigue about it, something that called me to it. I picked it up off the ground and read the title. Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban.

"So who is this Harry Potter?" I wondered aloud, flipping the book over. The back cover offered no that it was the third book in a series. I was frustrated by this...if only I could have the first one! I immediately consulted my mother.

"A book?" my mother asked distractedly while pulling my 9-year-old brother off the chandelier. "You'll have to buy it yourself dear...I'm a bit preoccupied...JOHN!" I shrugged, and began to save my allowance.

After three weeks, I had enough to buy the first Harry Potter book. The plotline was a mystery, the main character an unknown. But I wanted to read it like no other book before. At last, I bought it at the small corner bookshop next to my house.

That night, up in third floor bedroom, I began to read. And read. And read. By the next morning, I had read the first half of the book...and hadn't slept a wink. It was love at first read. By the next year, I had read all three five times, and was awaiting the fourth. My mother didn't understand how I could be so Thanksgiving I spent the entire feast telling everyone in earshot about how "Tom Marvolo Riddle" ingeniously spelled out "I Am Lord Voldemort". Needless to say, my whole family was sick of it by the time I was 13.

But I didn't stop. My house became the Burrow, my seven brothers the Weasleys, my car a firebolt. My imagination flew to enormous heights on the wings of this book...this unique and completely original book.

Though my grandmother and I have never gotten along, I have to hand it to her. She has impeccable taste.

Juliette de Winter (Hufflepuff, ju482, USA )
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Prof. Ashlee Sully
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Getting Into Harry Potter

Arriving at school one humid morning, I made my way towards the usual meeting point for myself and my friends. A small group of girls in my grade were discussing a boy named Harry Potter. At this point in time, I’d never heard of him before and simply brushed it off as some boring novel.

A few months later my Aunt and Uncle came up from Sydney for a rare visit. My Aunt works in the book section of a large department store. Out shopping one day, she wanted to see what her company had to offer up here, so I took her to Myers and we wound our way towards the book section. Casually browsing I heard her voice calling me from over the shelves. I made my way over to her and she was holding up at book with a young boy standing in front of a train. The title read, “Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stoneâ€Â￾

“Have you read this?â€Â￾ she asked
“Nope, but I’ve heard of himâ€Â￾ I replied
“If I buy it, will you read it?â€Â￾
“I guess soâ€Â￾

And with that, she brought me the first Harry Potter book, and I have her to thank for my current obsession. When we arrived home that same day, I took the book into my room and began reading. I’ve always loved reading books, and it’s usually the first few pages that determine whether or not I continue. I was hooked from the first sentence. The magic within the book had me spellbound and I literally couldn’t put it down. I read it while making dinner, watching television and even having a bath.

It was 11pm on a school night when I was reading the last two chapters of the book. My mother was doing her usual routine check to make sure I was asleep. Upon being asked to set the book down and go to sleep, I said “But I can’t! Harry is just about to get the Philosophers Stone and I have to see what happened to Ron and Hermioneâ€Â￾. Sighing she closed the door and let me be. Although my eyes were sore, my vision blurred and my body begging for me to go to sleep, I did not put down that book until I was finished. I remember that every time a wizard was described in the book, I’d flick to the picture on the back to see if it was him. I never did figure out who he was.

It took me two days to read the first book. I got the Chamber of Secrets and the Prisoner of Azkaban from my Aunt for Christmas, I didn’t want to wait an entire month to read it, so I was naughty and unwrapped the package, reading the first few chapters and promptly wrapping it back up. By the time Christmas came, I’d already read half of the book ... in secret, of course.

That year I received money from my parents to go shopping and stumbled across the fourth Harry Potter book, which I didn’t know existed. I paid $21.90 for the hard back cover and after a week of reading it, the cover began to fall off.

The year after I had all four of the books, the first movie hit screens around Australia. I went and saw it with my friend, Jessica, who was the first person I remember mentioning the name Harry Potter, which now catches my attention whenever I hear it.

I have my Aunt to thank for Harry Potter (and HOL because without the obsession I wouldn’t be here). I’ve even told her that it’s her fault I’m obsessed. Normally I tend to go my own way, and do what I want, but this time I’m glad that I went with the crowd and jumped on the train of one of the best things I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing ... Harry Potter!

Prof. Ashlee Sully, Slytherin, pr_sul, Australia
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Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
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Post by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black »

Getting Into Harry Potter ~

Being a cautious sort of person (ha!) /biggrin.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":D" border="0" alt="biggrin.gif" /> , when I first heard about these 'Harry Potter' books, I decided to get on the waiting list at the library for Sorcerer's Stone. I don't remember just how I heard about it, maybe through my sister-in-law talking of her young son (my nephew) reading it and enjoying it. Anyway, I received the book, and started reading. Nothing else got done that day, until I had to go do chores because hungry four-leggeds were waiting to be fed.

I promptly bought the book, and all sequels which were written. I wait eagerly for each sequel, and have not been disappointed ever.

Why read them? Because I enjoy them. Why continue reading them, and re-reading them? Because each time I get something new; I discover different aspects, different viewpoints, and different 'clues'.

I have always longed for some sort of school like Hogwarts-- a place to attend where one fit in. I'm not really much of a Muggle, and my disguise wears thin after all this time. When I read the books by J. K. Rowling, I am transported to a place where magic is not only real, but the lack of it is seen as unnatural. I like that. /smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" />

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Birgjit Lien
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Getting into Harry Potter

I had heard about Harry Potter and stuff, but had thought of them as childrens books. My english teacher had suggested reading them, and I heard they were beeing translated and stuff. But I didn't care much, adter all it was children's books (or so I thought).

The first movie came out, and I actually decided I wanted to go see it, but noone wanted to go with me. And I hate going places alone. I actually didn't know Harry Potter was a seriesof books though.

But a year later I heard something about a second movie. And all of the sudden a dude from the net asks me on a date, and we went to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I was in love... (With Harry Potter, not the guy who I was on a date with)

So when I got back I searched up all I could find on the internet, and then I went and rented the first movie... a few hundred times.
And since books always are better than the movies, I decided to read the books. Bought all 4 (at the time) and read them incredibly fast. Pined 6 months for the 5th to come out, luckily not 3 years like some people.

Birgjit Lien ( Ravenclaw, bi401, Norway )
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Marie Thenes
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Post by Marie Thenes »

Harry Potter. I had heard of that name before, but it hadn't quite caught my attention until the Goblet of Fire came out. Though, even then I didn't really pay any attention to it except for picking the book up and checking it from cover to cover only to put it back on the shelf, promising myself that I'd eventually get around to reading it when I had nothing better to do.
I am, to this day, very grateful to my grandmother for introducing me to Harry Potter.

It was Christmas Day when I opened the package. I knew it was a book, the moment I first laid eyes on it, I mean how could it not be? For one thing, it was adressed to me. That was reason enough if you know me, and my grandmother no doubt knew - and still knows - about my passion for reading. As do the rest of my family and friends. Already I was happy at the thought of owning a new book.

I eagerly tore the wrapping away to discover Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
Needless to say, before I was to read it, I HAD to read the first one of the series. I can't stand jumping straight into a series, I always have to read a series of books in chronological order or I'd go crazy.
Therefore, I ended up buying the Philosopher's Stone the next day, and after reading the two, I was hooked. In the following days, I bought the Prisoner of Azkaban, whereas my grandmother contributed with the Goblet of Fire. She also bought me the Order of the Phoenix when it first came out.
My transfer to the world of wizards, witches, muggles, creatures and magic was soon complete with the exceptions of the up-coming instalments.
Hence my introduction to Harry Potter.

- Marie Thenes (Gryffindor, Second Year, ma361, New Zealand)
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Liz Randerson
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Post by Liz Randerson »

How did i get into HP?

Well, it happened when my friend and i met up to finish our project work. My friend, being a BIG HP fan then, bought a HP book along(Order of the Phoenix). Before that, i had heard of HP but i didn't know much about HP and also didn't have any chance to read the books.

While i was busy looking for informations for our project work on the internet, my friend was actually busing reading HP. When i realised that she was not doing anything, I got really angry and immediately ask her to stop reading and look for information.

So, she got up and "took over" me in looking for information. Being very curious about Hp then, i picked up the book and started reading. it was very interesting but i wasn't very sure what the content was about. "Hey. This is good. But it's a little confusing." i said to my friend. She said that i should start from the very first book. So, the next day, i went around asking my friends if they have the Hp books.

Luckily, i managed to borrow all the books (not all at one time, of course!) and have since got hooked up with HP. To this very day, i still very very grateful to that friend of mine who unknowingly introduced the book to me. /biggrin.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":D" border="0" alt="biggrin.gif" />

-Liz Randerson (Gryffindor, li488, Singapore)
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Post by Rames »

Thanks all so far for participating. All stories up to this point have been added to the yearbooks /smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" />
Boris Bigglesworth
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Post by Boris Bigglesworth »

In a bid to make this story far more interesting than it otherwise would be, I decided to sell the film rights to one of Hollywood's most pre-eminent directors. Straight away, I knew the job would be tough, as everyone who put themselves forward was rejected. Quentin Tarantino missed out, because I couldn't quite agree with his proposal of a fight to the death over the last copy of the book, similarly Michael Bay was rejected because he just wanted to blow everything up, and give me wacky sidekick. Oh, and McG was laughed out of the building as soon as he announced himself as 'The guy who directed Charlie's Angels.'

In the end, I had very little choice, so I turned to the master himself, Steven Spielberg. Surely he could do this extraordinary tale justice, he was the one to bring the emotion, the tense drama and mind-blowing action to the big screen.

"Steven, I said. I want this to be as accurate and truthful as possible. I want the viewers to see my story, as it really was."

"Gee Sam, that's great! Cause I was thinking exactly the same thing! So, we're gonna have you as a an ordinary little boy....

Living as an orphan.

In Eastern Russia.

With one leg.

Who had to triumph against all odds to realise his dream... a dream that looked so unlikely, until, one day, he met an alien. And he loved and cared for the Alien, so much. The little boy taught him how to live amongst humans, and for many years they were inseparable. Then one day, after a phone call home, the alien had to return to his home planet. And the little boy was so upset. But then, as a parting gift, the alien gave him a magical gift. A very special book. Called 'Harry Potter.'"

"Umm, Steven, that sounds really great, but I'm just not sure."

"Oh rubbish! It'll be fantastic! I think it'll do great at the box office. Besides, if people paid to see 'Legally Blonde' they'll pay to see this. I was thinking we could get Michael Douglas to play the alien, and Leonardo DiCaprio would be great as you..."

"Look, Steven. I'm sorry, but you've gotten completely sidetracked. You're missing the real story, the true tale. Which was about as simple as my mother reading a newspaper preview of the book, and popping down the shops to buy it when it came out, as she thought us children might like to read it. And funnily enough, I did like it. See. Simple. Eeeeeasy."

"But, but, but. We can never make that into a film! Where's the climactic battle scene with cheesy inspirational music? Where's the obligatory sacrificial lamb that gives his life so that his friends may go on? Where's Colin Farrell? Don't you know it's now illegal for a single film to made without him?"

"I'm sorry Steven, it's just not going to work. I just want this to be my story. Besides, HOL already has an Alien. Just not Colin Farrell. But we'll live."

And somewhere in there was my real story, which as I said, wasn't in the least bit exciting. But one thing is for sure, I'm very glad I did get into Harry Potter.

Now off to make the big budget sequels...

[Boris Bigglesworth, Slytherin, bo402, England]
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Mysty Fogg
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Post by Mysty Fogg »

It all revolves around a gift and a conference. I'm a librarian and, at the time, lived in Texas. I'd heard of Harry Potter (who hadn't), but hadn't made any effort to read one of the books. I was at a library conference in Chicago when the 4th book came out and remember seeing the stacks of books in a store near my hotel, thinking "Wow, it's LONG. And kids are reading this. Amazing." Little did I know...

That Christmas, a good friend of mine gave me a copy of the book for Christmas. I didn't read it at first. I'm usually resistant when people give me books to read, but I liked the sound of them. So I waited. That spring, our university paper had half off coupons for a local bookstore chain in them. Everyone grabbed about 8 of them and, of course, I had to use them all. That's when I bought HP 2-4 (I hate starting a series without having all of them).

Finally, I went on a trip somewhere. A conference, an interview. Something. I brought HP1 along to read on the plane. Figured it would be a good way to pass the time while trapped in a metal tube miles above the ground. I didn't start reading it until the flight home. I never put it down. I was kind of mad when the plane landed because I had to wait till I got home to finish it.

I tortured myself with the rest of the books. I made myself wait awhile (I do that all the time with books). Boy was I glad I had already bought them (hardback at half price too). That summer, the first movie came out and I dragged another coworker to see it. The obsession continued on from there.

It's so funny. Three years after that Chicago conference, I attended another library conference in Toronto. Just when HP 5 came out. This time, I had an invitation to a Scholastic Books breakfast. Free food and a FREE copy of HP5. I was up till 3 o clock the next morning reading.

If the publishers and the American Library Association continue the trend, I should be in one of the following cities when HP6 comes out.

2004 Orlando, FL (right, not going to happen)
2005 Chicago, IL (that would be cool)
2006 New Orleans, LA

Mysty Fogg (Gryffindor, my481, USA)

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Capella Silkistija
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Post by Capella Silkistija »

Getting into Harry Potter

My first encounter with the Harry Potter world was quite a coincidence. It was in late November 2001, just after the first movie had been released. My mum, brother, aunt and I had been spending a day shopping, and for some reason I don't remember anymore, we had to wait a couple of hours before we could go home. We then happened to walk past a cinema, and my aunt noticed a PS/SS poster outside of it. It was just about to begin, so we decided to watch it to kill time. I thought it looked rather scary, so I went very reluctantly inside the cinema. But from the first moment, I was hooked. I thought the story was brilliant, and I decided that I wanted the books for Christmas.

I got the first book from my grandparents, and I spent most of Christmas Eve reading it, and I thought it was even better than the movie. But then I forgot about it. For about 10 months, it just stood on my bookshelf gathering dust, and I never got around borrowing the next books in the series. I remember that I thought about it plenty of times in these months, as people kept asking, "Have you read those Harry Potter books?", but I did not borrow them at the library until October 2002. It was more because I thought I ought to do it than because I actually wanted it, but as soon as I'd started reading The Chamber of Secrets, I was hooked once again, and I read almost nonstop for the next week.

At that time, I'd also discovered the wonders of the Internet, so I went searching for some information about the books as soon as I'd finished them. I found lots and lots of pages, among those HOL, but as I had just started reading English, I decided not to join as I thought it would be too difficult for me. Fortunately, I found it again last May, but that is quite another story.

Capella Silkistija (Ravenclaw, ca403, Denmark)
Sima Wolfaxe
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Post by Sima Wolfaxe »

Getting into Harry Potter

One day I phoned my best friend Simona to ask about homework. After five minutes of talking she said that she had to go, which seemed very strange to me, because whenever I phoned her we would talk for at least half an hour. I asked her where she was going and she said: “I’ve just finished reading the second book about Harry Potter and must go to the bookstore until it is open to buy the third one.â€Â￾ I hadn’t heard about Harry Potter until then, because it wasn’t very popular in my country that time. I got curious about the book and asked Simona what it was about. She explained that it was about a boy who is a wizard and that it is very interesting. And the she hung up. I knew that Simona’s taste for books was really good so I decided that I should definitely read these books that she liked so much.

I asked ‘Santa Clause’ (well ok, I asked my parents) to bring the three books for Christmas. On the Christmas morning I ran to the Christmas tree and found there two books. “Oh well, better than nothing,â€Â￾ I thought to myself, grabbed them and started to read the first one. Unfortunately my sister got up and decided that she should read them first and took the Philosopher’s Stone from me. As a good sister I didn’t object very much and waited until she finished reading and gave it back.

After finishing reading Chamber of Secrets I went to the bookstore and bought Prisoner of Azkaban and never regretted that. When I finished reading PoA I was just burning with desire to know what will happen next. However, I had to wait for half of the year until the fourth book was released. The first day it appeared in bookstores, I bought it. My sister, as usual, took it from me but (thanks Merlin) finished it reading the next day. I read Goblet of Fire whole day (it was Saturday). I didn’t put it down for a minute and my mom decided that I was obsessed and she was right. I really was obsessed and I was really happy about that.

Then followed a very hard year of waiting for the fifth book. When I heard that it was finally released in UK I desperately searched the internet for .doc or .pdf copy of it. And I found it! Unfortunately at that time we were living in our house out of town without computer, so I only could read Order of the Phoenix when we came back home for an hour or two (which was almost every day). I read it in a week and then started waiting again. This time for the book to be released in my country so that I would be able to read it in my native language. And it was really worth waiting. Thanks to my sister, we got OotP earlier than it appeared in the bookstores. Of course, she was again the first to read it. Oh well, that’s my destiny – to be the second one.

So I have read all HP books I could (several times and not only in my native language), seen all films (several times also), played all PC games I could get, read tons of fan fiction about HP and involved in HOL. I know I am obsessed but what can I say – thanks to my friend Simona, Harry Potter is a part of my life.

Sima Wolfaxe (Gryffindor, si480, Lithuania)
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Mia Mayfair
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Post by Mia Mayfair »

How did I get into Harry Potter?

Well, my story it’s slightly different from others, at least in the reason itself. It wasn’t a recommendation, or a lucky gift what led me to the Harry Potter books. You see, I read a lot, and fast. I mean it; I finished the Lotr trilogy in about five days the first summer I had the books. And when the internet came to my house, I discovered another way to keep on with my obsession while I were surfing: reading fanfics. I guess you all know what that means, but if not they are stories made by fans for another fans (no copyright infringement indented), using pre-existing characters from books, movies, etc.

In one of my incursions in those pages, I found a story about Harry Potter by a writer I loved. I had, of course, heard of the books (the first fourth had been released by then, it was like two years ago), mostly because of the massive publicity they had done, but I had never felt the urge to actually read them. I mean, they were for children, right? The thing is, I really wanted to read the story, but I didn’t understand anything she had written. I didn’t know what Gryffindor meant, or whatever spells they were using, or what the hell was Quidditch.

So the next day I went to the library and borrowed a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. I’m not ashamed to say that my only intention then was to be able to understand a little the HP universe so I could read the fic, but after a few chapters I was so hooked up in the story that I not only finished the book in a record time, but borrowed the other three the next weekend.

Now I have the five of them safely in a bookshelf in my room, and I dare to whoever argues that they’re only a children book to actually read them, and then, judge.

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Lalaine Goolia
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Post by Lalaine Goolia »

How I got into Harry Potter....

Well, my third grade teacher LOVED she deicded to read us the first HP story. She started reading it near the end of the year, so we never got to finish the story, and she encouraged us to read it over the summer. I did, and I really liked the story, so I read the second one (which is my favorite), and after that I became so excited when all the other books came out!

I got involved in HOL when a camp counselor was telling me about how she was on HOL and she really enjoyed it (I was reading the 5th book for the like, the third time). So she told me the website and I waited until July sign-up started. So here I am, on HOL, having a blast!!!

Thats my getting into HP story, and I supose it isn't that interesting, but hey, now I love HP!!!

Lalaine Goolia (Ravenclaw, la401, USA)

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Celestia Starr
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Post by Celestia Starr »

My sister bought the Scholastic version of SS at her school's bookfair in 1998 or 1999. I was 14 or 15 at the time, so I didn't read it, because I thought that I was much too old and mature for such things.

My mum doesn't read for herself, but enjoys reading to her kids. She read the first Harry Potter book to my sister when she brought it home. Soon, they were both obsessed with it. My sister was Harry Potter for Halloween that year, before there were store-bought HP costumes. I couldn't see what the fuss was about. After all, it was only a book. My sister got a hardcover edition of CoS for Christmas, then a hardcover of PoA for her birthday in January. I couldn't figure it out. My sister and my mum both insisted that they were great books, and that I really should give them a shot. I kept insisting that I didn't have the time or the interest.

Then the worldwide hype really kicked in. People were waiting eagerly for the fourth book to be released. My sister had been on a waiting list for it for months. Kids were walking around sporting lightning bolt tatoos. Harry Potter was everywhere. In the magazines, on the news. I finally decided that I had to find out what all the hype was about. Why was the world going crazy about a series of kids' books?!

So I finally asked my sister for SS, and started to read.

I couldn't stop. I was completely and utterly hooked.

The next day, I read CoS. Two days later, PoA. Now, I was as eager as my sister for GoF, but knew I would have to wait for her to finish it. Then for dad to finish it. I got caught up in school and the life of a teenager, and didn't read it until the next summer. Then I became really and truly hooked. I read HP stuff on the web. I fantasied about going to Hogwarts. I found HOL that April, became depressed that I couldn't sign-up yet, then signed up at the first chance I could. That was back when the sorting hat didn't give you results right away- you waited for your ID and house. I waited days, hoping and hoping that I would be sorted into Ravenclaw. I jumped up and down when I was. /biggrin.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":D" border="0" alt="biggrin.gif" />

The release of OotP was when my family really noticed my obsession. My sister wasn't half as excited as she once had been, long ago. I was on a waiting list in April. Family members call around Christmas and ask if they should be buying my sister HP stuff, to which mum replies "Nope, she's not the one who's into it. Now, the older one..."

And that's how I got into HP. /smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" />

Celestia Starr (Ravenclaw, ce301, Canada)
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Fae Roe
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Post by Fae Roe »

I first was hesititate about it at first cause of all the hoopla. I was like ya right it's just a childrens book! But then my best friend Laura was like into it and kept getting me to read the books.

Finally she sent me the first 3 books to be as a birthday present.....2 years ago and i was HOOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol i went out and bought the 4th book on my own and then finally bought the 1 movie and watched it. lol now Im a harry potter junkie /laugh.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":lol:" border="0" alt="laugh.gif" />
I reserve everthing when they come out. All thanks to my best friend!THANKS!!!

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Hello. My name is Morrighan McCuill and I am addicted.

At first I rejected it whenever it was offered to me. I had assumed by principle that there were much more important things in the world. I thought that all those people were only contaminated by a temporary fever.

I was astonished when I saw all my friends getting into it and even more astonished when I saw my own sister starting to get involved with the whole thing. While she went deeper and deeper into her addiction, I thought I would never need anything like that. But I was wrong. Everyone was talking about this, and they slowly convinced me to taste it. "What will you lose?" they said, "Will you be the only one not to try it?"

From first page to the complete addiction only a month had passed. Page after page, day after day, it was taking me thoroughly - I needed bigger and bigger dosis of HP, and was never satisfied with a single book, or two, or three... I HAD to get them all! "I can stop whenever I want!" was what I used to say. How wrong I was.

It took some time till I admitted I was addicted. When it finally happened I decided to look for help, and found a community where I would meet people as addicted as myself and we would talk about our situation. That's why I am here, and that's how I found out how good it was to be a Potterholic. Definitely not an ordinary addiction, not bad at all. /smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" />

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It was way back in the year 2000 when my mom brought home a book from work (She's the children's librarian at the local library) for me to read. This wasn't particularly odd. She was always bringing me home juvinile books to read so that I could give her a brief about what it was about, what I liked about it, and forth. I took one look at the cover of the book and groaned; "Awe, mom! Please don't say you're going to make me read that book! The "Harry Potter Thing" is all hype!" Well, after much convincing I openned the book and read the first page. I quickly closed the book and forgot about it for, easily, six to eight months.

The time passed. Then, one day mom and I went to the movies (I don't remember what we were seeing) and my mom got all excited because the Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone trailer appeared. Well, the commercial looked interesting so, I desided to give the book another chance. I read the first chapter, then the next, then the next, and the next...I couldn't put it down! I read the first four books quickly and in about a week. I even got my husband to read them (which was a small miracle considerring he doesn't read)!

I don't know exactly what my mental block was against the books in the beginning. But, I'm so glad I go over them.

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Well, what seems like years and years ago, my oldest sister came home with what looked like the COOLEST book in the world. I was so jealous because my mother said I was too young to read it.
A few years later when the third book was coming out, she finally gave in to my pleading and let me read the book. I shot through the book like an arrow and soon devoured the others twice as fast as my sisters had.
After I finished, I became bored out of my mind waiting for the others just a glimpse of one of the three that had been published made me wonder what would happen to Harry…
I turned to fan fiction and HP fansites (which is how I found HOL) seeing what other people thought would happen to Harry and his “followers.â€Â￾
I went insane when I read the tiny bits of the Tri-Wizard Tournament as they published and even had a Potter themed party planned that my mother refused to throw.
Finally the night came, the Borders that I went to for the midnight release was jam-packed and extremely uncomfortable, I fell asleep in the car.
The next year was more successful, I invited over a few people who got off from school the next day and we read aloud the first five or so chapters before we went to sleep.
And that, my friends, is how I got into Harry Potter!

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I received my first copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone when I was in fourth grade, about a year before it actually arrived in America. It was given to me with a few other books as a birthday present from my best friend who had moved to England earlier that year. So, naturally, being the young and ignorant child that I was, I started on the other books that had cover pictures of young girls, and put aside the blue hard cover book with a picture that appeared to be a boy running from a train. Right before my friend left to go back to England, I asked her which of the books she liked best, and she said it was Harry Potter. I was surprised, because to me, it had looked boring. The back of the book had mentioned a sport on broomsticks. I thought, "Broomsticks? This is just some silly wicked witch book. I'll bet it starts on a dark and stormy night."

I tried to read a couple chapters, but the first four were about this sad and ill treated little kid. I found that depressing. Actually, I probably only read the first chapter. I have no excuse. It wasn't the brightest thing I had ever done.

I did not really start Harry Potter until fifth grade. I read every day at recess for about a couple weeks, and my other friend read over my shoulder. I was so shocked. Everyone can assume that I was amazed with this book. I became totally absorbed in the world of Harry Potter, and I was very dissappointed to know that the second one was not yet out. I couldn't believe that I had not taken my friend's advice and read the book when she gave it to me. Of course, that would only mean that I would have to wait for the second one for even longer than I did.

Then one day I we needed a book for a book report. A boy in my class was going to read a book called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I thought, "How strange, that the second book would also be about a stone!" Once I took out the book, I realized it was just a title change, though why was beyond me. Yes, I was more than a bit confused to say the least. By the next year, everyone in my school carried around their copies of the books, but I had been the first.

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Oddly enough, the way I became involved in reading Harry Potter series was through the first Harry Potter movie. While I was in college, my mother began reading the Harry Potter series. She highly recommended the books, but unfortunately college left me with little free time for leisure reading.

When Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released onto DVD, my mother rented it and suggested that I watch it. We started watching the movie. During the sorting hat sequence (right as the sorting hat was debating in which house to place Harry) the power in our house went out. I couldn’t believe it – my mother refused to tell me which house Harry was sorted into. (I was so panicky that he wouldn’t be with Ron and Hermione.) So my mother found her copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and I dug out my mini-clip-on book light and started reading. I think I read almost the entire book that evening. I have been hooked ever since.

Shortly after, I went out and bought copies of the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban and read them at top speed. I remember waiting for Goblet of Fire to be released in paperback and getting Fantastic Beasts and Quidditch Through the Ages as a birthday present. I truly felt a part of the Harry Potter community while waiting for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It was a wonderful experience to be part of a collective event. Reading the Harry Potter series has been an enriching experience that has brought me hours of happiness and many new friends. /biggrin.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":D" border="0" alt="biggrin.gif" />

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