Is the Sorting Hat always Right?

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Is the Sorting Hat always Right?

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I've often pondered this exact question when reading the Harry Potter books; Did the hat really always place students in the right house? And what might it's reasons have been for some of the more unlikely candidates?

Like, Hermione Granger - she seems to have been just as likely to have been a Ravenclaw and we are even told that the hat considered this. But what do you think tipped the scales in favour of Gryffindor for the hat? And do you think it was right?

Or Neville Longbottom - he hardly seemed very brave, but he seemed to grow into his bravery later. Or do you think he always had it? What do you think showed that he was brave?

Or Peter Pettigrew - did he really belong in the house for the brave?

I'd love to hear your opinions on both whether you think the hat was ever wrong with a placement, or what you think made some of the less obvious sortings make sense after all.
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Re: Is the Sorting Hat always Right?

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Did the hat really always place students in the right house?
Sometimes it's hard to say yes as I've met many people who have had qualities on 2 or more houses and I think as a person grows there house would change and for some it wouldn't. Personally have always been a Slytherin from the start but I do constantly always check every few years to see if I am still. For the Hats pickings I would say it factors in other things other than just characteristics, such as Family Tree for example. In conclusion I think the sorting hat can't always be 100% right but I do for the most part think it picks correctly with some exceptions.

Hermione Granger - Although we know Hermione was considered for Ravenclaw, I think what put her more in favour towards Gryffindor was she has all the traits to a Gryffindor as were she only has a few for Ravenclaw. I personally think Gryffindor was the right choice for her.
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