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Amazon Alexa

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:55 pm
by Arianna Stonewater
My husband and I have recently bought an Amazon FireStick to replace our MiBox and got an Amazon Echo Dot for free! We were skeptical at first, but now we love it!! It's so much fun to just ask Alexa to turn a specific show on when my daughter has lost our remote or to ask her to tell us a joke! (Today's joke, "What do you call a snowman in the desert? an oasis!")

Alexa has these things called "Skills" are kind of like Apps for Alexa.

NOW with Alexa you can say "Alexa, play Harry Potter quiz" to enable the HP Quiz Skill test your Potter knowledge and earn house points!! This was created by Pottermore and Audible, so you know it's good!

Every day you get new 3 questions to answer; you can choose your difficultly level between O.W.L (easier with multiple choice answers) or N.E.W.T (harder, but worth more points) as well as the house you want the points to go to! The questions have snippets from the audiobooks in them so that's really cool!!

Today I earned 85 points for Slytherin! (I choose the N.E.W.T level questions and received 20pts per initial question; plus 25pts for a bonus question after answering all three correct!) After you answer the questions, it gives you the current scores for all four houses.

The current leader board:

Ravenclaw: 43
Hufflepuff: 42
Slytherin: 40
Gryffindor: 38